How to Prepare for the Hcg Diet Plan How to Prepare for the Hcg Diet Plan

The “Prep Phase” also known as the “Doing Your Homework Phase.”

While this isn’t a traditional phase, it is an important one since it is a necessary stage of the Hcg Diet.  This is where you gather all your information, determine which provider and protocol you will be following, order your supplies, and of course, establish a menu plan and a proper exercise routine.  Being prepared ultimately means a better HCG Diet experience, from start to finish… and even longer.

Before starting the HCG Diet, you MUST have a plan established. This will help you reach your goals with the least amount of challenges possible.  As one forum member pointed out in her tips: she spends a good amount of time planning, and makes each phase a game, seeing how many calories she can track, exploring new foods, ingredients and recipes, and even looking for new ways to shop healthy (hint: farmers markets!)

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A proper planning phase will not only help you reach your weight loss goals, but it will also help establish those quick-action responses when a challenge comes up AND prepare you for long term health results. Here’s the preparation checklist:

  1. Gather your sources and support.  Read the Pounds and Inches manuscript (read on HDI by chapter, or choose the free PDF and Audiobook by subscribing) and choose which support groups you would like to join in the Hcg Diet forums. Introduce yourself before you begin and don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  2. Choose a high quality HCG source in the USA: Research and choose the Hcg Diet program that is right for you. We suggest selecting a legitimate telemedicine provider online that offers a complete HCG weight loss program rather than going the HCG DIY (Do it yourself) route. Research has shown that dieters who choose a complete program over DIY, have an 82% higher success rate and far less challenges along the way (plus it saves you money vs. weight loss clinics.)  Jen’s recommended Hcg sources can be found here: Buy REAL Hcg Online.
  3. Establish an exercise routine: A light exercise routine offers immense benefits while on the Hcg Diet and is also key to keeping the weight off.  Remember not to overdo it in Phase 2 (weight loss phase,) and choose light impact workouts that are right for your particular needs; a few that we recommend are walking, tennis, swimming and yoga. Read our guide to the HCG Diet and Exercise.
  4. Establish a menu plan, and gather your HCG Diet recipes. By preparing your approach to food now, you can have a kitchen that is HCG Diet-friendly, making meal time decisions easier and without temptation to stray from the protocol.  You can also print out a shopping list and meal plan, look for local Farmer’s markets and explore recipes specific to Hcg Diet allowed foods for each phase. Read, Sample Menus and HCG Diet Recipes.
  5. Prepare for challenges. This is one tip I strongly suggest spending time on.  The fact is, almost every Hcg dieter has a set back, especially during the 2nd phase. It can be helpful to know beforehand, if/when to expect a stall, how to handle a cheat, and what to order when dining out.  Determine how you will approach challenges, beforehand. Read, Hcg Diet Help and Support.
  6. Reward your progress.  Decide what your rewards will be, not just for your end goal, but for different points of success during your journey.  These rewards should not be food-related, but instead, consider new clothing items, a travel experience, or that new FitBit you’ve had your eye on.  Oh, and make your final-goal reward a good one- you’ve earned it!
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