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If You Experience Hunger on the HCG Diet Plan…

When done correctly, you should not feel strong hunger on the Hcg Diet plan.  If you are experiencing this kind of relentless hunger, this should be recognized as a side effect that only occurs only when a dose adjustment is needed.  There are a few other reasons that can cause some hunger that we will examine, but know that it is possible to get back on track quickly. You want to fix this right away, because extreme hunger means you are losing muscle and the wrong kind of fat. That means if you continue on a wrong dose, you will not be able to stabilize and the weight will come back because you have slowed your metabolism.

How one feels hungry on Phase 2 of the Hcg Diet, can vary from person to person. Most people either have no hunger at all, or  will experience a little slight hunger right before mealtimes. This is perfectly normal. It is also common to be a little hungry the first few days of Phase 2.  It should be minimal enough that you can follow the protocol without much effort. If your hunger is significant, we need to consider a few practical errors and most importantly,  look at your dose. Strong cravings can also signal a dose problem.

The simplest approach to hunger on the protocol: Adjust Hcg dosage

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The typical sign for a dose problem is PERSISTANT STRONG HUNGER. Some describe it as painful hunger. It’s the kind of hunger that makes you want to gnaw your arm off.  This is almost always caused by a dose that is too high. Ask your provider or coach for advise when adjusting your dosage!  The Hcg sources recommended on the “Where to Buy Hcg Online” page of this site, all offer dosage adjustment support.

Here are the typical physician instructions for adjusting your dosage to address hunger on the Hcg weight loss plan.  These are not intended as medical advice, but as information only. Please always check with your physician for direction based on your personal needs.

First, you should not change your dose without first skipping it for a day. (If on hhcg, skip 2 doses out of your daily 3.)   By the early evening of your skip day, or around 4PM, take notice of your hunger level. If is is lower to non-existent, that indicates your dose is too high.  If your hunger increases noticeably, it means your dose is too low.  You should raise or lower your dose  accordingly by a 25iu increment  the next day.

The skip day is necessary for several reasons, the main one being that hunger can look the same for either problem.   If you change your dose without confirming the direction with a skip day, you can guess wrong and sacrifice nearly a week of losing time while you figure it out.  Secondly, the skip day lets your levels drop quicker in the case of a dose too high. This will give much needed relief right away, since each dose of HCG stays in your system for 3 days, and overlaps the previous doses.

Note: The above instructions are for when you are battling strong hunger.  If you are not experiencing hunger and it is your normal weekly skip day in a long round, it is normal to experience a little hunger on the evening of your skip day.  That means your dose is correct.


Other Reasons for Feeling Hungry on the Hcg Diet

Simple changes that might make all the difference:

  • Dehydration. Be absolutely certain you are drinking enough water. Not only can dehydration slow your weight loss (in many ways) but it can also trigger hunger signals. If you struggle with this, get in the habit of keeping a water bottle in your hand. If you are drinking your required 2 litres of water and still feel thirsty or weak, try adding a good pinch of mineral salt to your water to increase hydration.  More water is not always  better.  Doubling or tripling the water amount can be too much water and could cause electrolyte imbalances and overwork your kidneys.
  • Are you eating close to your calorie limit each day? And are you eating enough protein? It is important to give your body the basic nutrients it requires to function well. Some people may be particularly sensitive when missing vitamins or nutrients. Vitamin D for example, or Iron. Be sure your vegetables provide these, and consider taking a supplement to see if this solves the problem.

If you feel hungry on the hcg diet sporadically, or out of the blue:

  • Take a look at your menu.
  • Double-check that you have not eaten something off-menu.
  • If you have accidentally consumed sugars or processed carbs for example, this can stimulate the body to send hunger signals.
  • Be very aware of “trigger foods” that leave you feeling hungry afterward. Some find that the melba or grissini trigger snack cravings. Others need to be careful not to eat fruit alone.

Consistent but low hunger on the hcg diet:

  • Your HCG may have lost potency.
  • Consider replacing your HCG. Particularly if your hunger is rather consistent, this is a sign that your hcg has lost its potency or was not potent from the beginning. Always buy from a trusted and reliable, licensed compounding Hcg pharmacy that ensures the quality of their product – this is not a time to “skimp” on cheap HCG. Go for quality. You are going through great efforts here and you want a product that does not amplify challenges. Remember, this is a prescription hormone you are putting into your body!
  • Adjust the “when” part of your protocol. Are you taking your HCG at the same time every day? This can effect the hormone levels in your body and make you feel hungry when your HCG level is low.

After checking off the above list and not finding a problem, it is time to look at your HCG dosage. Speak with your Hcg provider about possibly lowering your HCG dosage.

If you have questions about your dosage, feel free to ask questions in the HCG Diet Forums.  Please provide the moderators with exactly what dose you are taking,  your HCG delivery method, how much and how frequently. (Please be as specific as possible.)  You will be given instructions on how to test your dose accurately.

Tips for non-dose related hunger episodes:

A suggestion for hunger caused by “trigger foods” eaten: If your menu is spot on and this is a one-time hunger experience, you can eat something. Start with a small salad; preferably nutrient rich greens such as baby spinach, arugula, or mixed baby greens (not iceberg).  Sweeten some salted vinegar for a dressing.   A few cherry tomatoes are acceptable, as is boiled egg white or fat-free cottage cheese.  An apple is also acceptable or a few strawberries.

A couple tweaks that may help if cravings are sugar-triggered is to eliminate the melba, and if you’re eating two apples a day, eat only one and make your 2nd fruit one with lower sugar (grapefruit or strawberries for example.)  You can also try about an 1/8 tsp. of glutamine dissolved under the tongue. This can calm a craving in a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hunger

Hcg Diet and Hunger at night?

If you are experiencing strong hunger or cravings every evening, this can be a sign your dose is low. Do a skip day to make sure. Ask for help in the forums or from your provider in making an adjustment. If the hunger is ignorable, a cup of hot tea can help you get through the evening.   If it is just a desire to be chewing something, treat yourself with something else like a hot bath or start an interesting project that will get your mind on something else.

Hcg Diet and Hungry in the morning?

Strong hunger in the morning (after you have taken your HCG dose) can indicate your dose is too high.  Do a skip day, and if confirmed, lower your dose the next day.

Starving on Hcg Diet drops?

The same principles apply for drops as for injected HCG.   Do a skip day for RX drops and for hhcg drops, skip the next two of your three daily doses. Adjust your dose according to your results at the end of the day.



Updated June 2018 by Leez, Hcg Diet Coach.

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