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  • Hungry on HCG Diet Plan?

    If You are Hungry on the hCG Diet Plan:

    When the diet is done correctly, you should not feel hunger.  If your are experiencing hunger, this should be recognized as a side effect that only occurs only when adjustments are needed.  There are a few causes possible.

    Hunger can vary from person to person; most people will experience at least slight hunger before mealtimes and this is perfectly natural. It should be minimal enough that you can follow the protocol without much effort. if your hunger is significant, we need to consider the following and lastly, look at your dose- but i would also recommend cutting out the melba toast. Plus if you’re eating two apples a day, eat only one and make your 2nd fruit one with lower sugar (grapefruit or strawberries for example.)

    Before adjusting your dosage… check the following:

    1. Dehydration. Be absolutely certain you are drinking enough water. Not only can dehydration slow your weight loss (in many ways) but it can also trigger hunger signals. Get in the habit of keeping a water bottle in your hand.
    2. Are you eating enough? And are you eating enough protein? It is important to give your body the basic nutrients it requires to function well. Some people may be particularly sensitive when missing vitamins or nutrients. Vitamin D for example, or Iron. Be sure your vegetables provide these, and consider taking a supplement to see if this solves the problem.
    1. If you feel hungry sporadically, or out of the blue: Take a look at your menu. Double-check that you have not eaten something off-menu. If you have accidentally consumed sugars or processed carbs for example, this can stimulate the body to send hunger signals. Be very aware of “trigger foods” that leave you feeling hungry afterward.
    2. Consistent but low hunger: Your HCG may have lost potency. Consider replacing your HCG. Particularly if your hunger is rather consistent, this is a sign that your hcg has lost its potency or was not potent from the beginning. Always buy from a trusted, licensed compounding pharmacy that ensures the quality of their product – this is not a time to “skimp” on cheap HCG. Go for quality. You are going through great efforts here and you want a product that does not amplify challenges. Another reason for going with quality: You are putting this in your body!
    3. Adjust the “when” part of your protocol. Are you taking your HCG at the same time every day? This can effect the hormone levels in your body and make you feel hungry when your HCG level is low.
    4. Lastly, check your HCG dosage and speak with your provider about possibly lowering your HCG dosage. The typical sign for this is very CONSISTENT hunger. Always follow your provider or coach’s advise when adjusting your dosage!

    A note about hunger based on “trigger foods” eaten.  If your menu is spot on and this is a one-time hunger experience, you will want to eat something, starting with something like a small salad; preferably nutrient rich greens such as baby spinach, arugula, or mixed baby greens.  Iceberg is of such low calorie content (it is mostly water) it is not an ideal food for this situation.  Braggs Amino acids are a great dressing.  A few cherry tomatoes are acceptable, as is boiled egg white.  An apple is also acceptable or a few strawberries, or half of an avocado with sea salt.

    If you are feeling hunger on a consistent basis, it may be time to revisit your entire daily menu.  Are you getting enough protein? Enough water?




    When the hCG Diet Plan is done correctly, you should not experience anything beyond normal hunger before meals.   This means even in the mornings when you wake up, in the middle of the day, before you eat, etc.  If you are experiencing hunger, there are a few possibilities.  First, your dosage could be off; either too low or too high.  Second, your diet could require modification.

    Hunger can vary from person to person; most people will experience at least slight hunger before mealtimes. but it should be minimal enough that you can follow the protocol without much effort. if your hunger is significant, you may need to look at your dose.  To check your dose, please read hCG Dosage Guidelines first, and then ask one of the hCG Diet experts moderating in HDI’s hCG Diet Forums.  Please provide the moderators with exactly what you are taking (please be as specific as possible,) how much and how frequently.

    If your dosage is accurate, you may also want to adjust your hCG Diet foods list.  If you are permitted melba toast on your particular hCG Diet plan, it may help to remove this from your menu and see if hunger subsides throughout your day.  Also, if you are eating two apples a day, consider eating only one and make your 2nd fruit one with lower sugar, such as grapefruit or strawberries.

    I’ve included the link below. Please go there now so you can get this right for you and your health. I can’t plead with you enough!!!

    This hCG Diet Resource page was written by:  hCG Diet Moderators, Mgsondance and Val

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    1. Hi, I’m on day 15vlcd of a 40 day round & still starving. Did this diet 1 year ago with no problem(lost 20 lbs no hunger) but this time I’m very hungry. My hcg injections are from a pharmacy, taking 40 units on 1cc insulin syringe. I’ve tried taking less. .. more. .. even skipped a day. Any advice would help.
      Thank you!