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  • Why I’m Not Afraid of Butter

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    What about food, you ask? This is the craziest thing- I’m not afraid of butter. I’ll say it again… I’m not afraid of butter. I’m not afraid of chocolate either. The difference between big-Jen and now-Jen though… I rarely eat butter. It just doesn’t occur to me to eat it regularly. I buy unsalted, organic butter and it lasts for months and often has to be thrown away before it’s all used. Chocolate; I only reach for dark chocolate- healthier choice and now, I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate (ew.) Plus, a bite or two is so much more satisfying than handfuls of milk chocolate. I love spinach and I put it in everything; I toss it in my omelettes and smoothies. I tear it up and add it to tuna salad. I throw it on top of my pizzas. Yes, I eat pizza. Yet, I go ages without buying bread. I used to love spelt bread but somehow, I’ve slowly gotten out of the habit of bread. Wraps- I’ll do spinach wraps occasionally. OMG I love wraps with nothing but spinach, avocado and tomato, sprinkled with sea salt and Braggs amino acids. I suppose you see a trend here right? I definitely make healthier food choices that have now become my natural preference.

    I’ve recently realized that my biggest post HCG Diet accomplishment was letting go of the battle. This alone makes it incredibly hard for me to GAIN weight. As I mentioned above, I am currently holding onto some post-baby weight. The weight is not coming off easily… but unlike years ago, the weight is not coming on easily either. In fact, it’s the holidays and I have been EATING and enjoying it! I stepped on the scale the other day expecting a few extra pounds. I’d lost a pound.

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    In 2002, a friend introduced me to the Hcg Diet because it worked for her. Little did I know, that would change my life forever: Months later, I was nearly 90 lbs lighter and I have kept the weight off. My HCG Diet journey led me to start the first HCG Diet site on the web... that has now had over 100 million readers and has helped countless people to lose the weight for good. It is 2016 now. I have had a baby, and I am ready to lose the post-pregnancy weight using the HCG Diet once again. It's what I know works.

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