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  1. how much vitamin b should I take on the hcg diet?

  2. Del Bruster says:

    Food portion sizes, these really confuse me when I’m on the quest to lose the excess weight I get from food during holidays. I agree that if we have large portions of food put in front of us, we tend to overeat. I know exercising is a great way to lose the unwanted weight, but it can also really be good to limit eating excess amounts of food; it’s so easy to say, but hard to do! LOL! Thanks for sharing this post!
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  3. I am on day 37 of my first round. 1 day last week I was extremely hungry. Now yesterday and today I became extremely hungry. Does this mean perhaps that I am becoming immune and I should stop for now and begin maintenance?

    I am on the homeopathic drops. Most weeks I lost 2 kilos. Last week I only lost 1 kilo, but that may have been because I approached a weight that I was previously at for a long time (no matter what could not get past this number).

    This week I did not lose anything.

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