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    Some Information on hCG Diet

    If you’re looking into losing weight, and have tried countless other diets, odds are you’ve heard the name “Dr. Simeons” or the words “hCG Diet” before. Also, if you’d like to learn more about the protocol (but aren’t sure where to start), here is some very basic information on hCG diet practices.

    The protocol was developed by Dr. Simeons, and outlined in his book Pounds and Inches, an invaluable resource for information on hCG Diet. After studying the effects of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin on brain chemistry and the body itself, Dr. Simeons realized the potential for small, supplemental doses of it to help weight loss. Since hCG works on the hypothalamus during pregnancy to help mobilize certain fat deposits in the body to ensure adequate fetal nutrition, and these same fat deposits are often the “stubborn” ones everyone has a hard time losing (as opposed to the readily-metabolized necessary fat and muscle tissue lost during a starvation diet), he realized that introducing small amounts of the hormone could trigger fat metabolism in non-pregnant women, as well. Since it also has the same effect on the hypothalamus of men and children, it can effectively be used in people of nearly all ages, and either gender. For those concerned about  information on hCG diet side-effects, since the levels of hormone are several thousand times lower than that naturally produced by women in pregnancy, they are rare and generally mild, though those with other gynecological or endocrine disorders should seek the advice of a physician before beginning.

    Calorie restriction to 500 calories per day during the diet is also important, and there is a wealth of information on hCG diet recipes and tricks to remain satisfied without cheating or binging. From calorie and fat loading during the very first days of the protocol, to flavorful recipes to make, there are numerous books and websites devoted to various incarnations of Dr. Simeons’ method. Beauty products containing fats and oils also need to be limited or avoided, and there are many lists of safe products online, as well as purveyors of “hCG Diet-safe” alternatives to things like lip balm and lotion.

    For information on hCG diet methods of taking the hormone, you should find a protocol-savvy physician or hCG Diet clinic in your area or online. Though the hormone is synthesized naturally by the body, it is taken in one of two ways only.  By injection or  sublingually (absorbed under the tongue). The safest and most effective method for you should be determined by a doctor or clinician, after looking at your medical history and conducting an exam. This can help minimize or eliminate some unwanted side-effects if you are in poor health.

    If you, or a loved one, are strongly considering going on the protocol and would like more information on hCG diet methods and practices, I strongly encourage picking up a copy of Dr. Simeons’ manuscript. Though many other hCG-based diets have come about since then, he developed the original, and offers a comprehensive look into brain chemistry, diet, and the minutia of how all of the elements of the diet work together to reset your metabolism, helping you lose weight, and keep it off.


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    1. Food portion sizes, these really confuse me when I’m on the quest to lose the excess weight I get from food during holidays. I agree that if we have large portions of food put in front of us, we tend to overeat. I know exercising is a great way to lose the unwanted weight, but it can also really be good to limit eating excess amounts of food; it’s so easy to say, but hard to do! LOL! Thanks for sharing this post!
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    2. I am on day 37 of my first round. 1 day last week I was extremely hungry. Now yesterday and today I became extremely hungry. Does this mean perhaps that I am becoming immune and I should stop for now and begin maintenance?

      I am on the homeopathic drops. Most weeks I lost 2 kilos. Last week I only lost 1 kilo, but that may have been because I approached a weight that I was previously at for a long time (no matter what could not get past this number).

      This week I did not lose anything.