Jen's Hcg Diet Journey

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  1. JoCarole Heslin says:

    I just started on July 7-8 my loading days. I think The dose is too high because I am hungry. Phase 2 Day 3. I started with the recommended dose of 200 IU but then went to 150 IU and I think I can go lower….. Looking forward to your next blog with NuImage which is the HCG shots w/B12 that I went with. Thanks for sharing your journey!

    1. Jen, HCG Diet Info Founder says:

      Hi JoCarole, So good to see you!
      You know, I didn’t have a problem with the 200iu, but almost everyone in the forums ends up lowering that dose to 175, 150, or even 125iu. Their HCG is just so potent… I think men do better with the 200iu, but most feel hunger until they drop it. I added a note about this in my “guide to buying US Hcg” page, so more people are aware before they purchase their injections.

      I have also found that there is a different “sweet spot” with each brand and each round. As long as you have the real stuff though, and not counterfeit or low potency HCG, it’s so simple to adjust and find the right dosage for your needs.

      Good job catching this so early! You are a champ! Most people suffer through the first week not realizing their dosage may be too high, before realizing something isn’t right. Way to be on top of things 🙂

  2. Good morning Jen. I had remembered reading something about menopausal women needing less and I have ended up FINALLY reaching my “sweet spot” with 100 IU. I lowered 25 IU per day and yesterday was awesome! Not hungry at all until lunch/dinner, which is normal hunger. I am so glad I found your blog. I love reading about your personal experiences. I have interacted with you before on FB and you are always so nice, so positive! Thank you! On another note I am adding some sugar free fiber, it will be here tomorrow, lets see how that goes! I too. am sticking as close to original protocol as I can, although I did have broccoli thinking it was on the original protocol! Oh Well! No harm done and I still had a loss!
    (Sorry about the loss of your furbaby! It is so hard to loose them. I still miss my Angus 4 years later.)

    Hope you have a great day!

    1. Jen, HCG Diet Info Founder says:

      Aww, thank you so much for your kindness. You made my day 🙂
      I’m sorry you lost your furbaby too- we bond so strongly with them, it’s like losing a family member isn’t it.

      As for the diet, It looks like you have unintentionally tested broccoli and it doesn’t effect your losses. Feel free to try it again and if you still lose well, then that is a food you can add to your acceptable P2 foods.

      I’m glad you are using a fiber pill too. I honestly find this is so helpful on the diet. Because the calorie intake is so low, and the foods are so specifically limited, it’s just impossible to get adequate fiber daily. Just remember to start out slow with your new pills so there is no surprise discomfort while you build up your body’s ability to use that much fiber. It shouldn’t be too long before you can take the full amount your body needs.

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