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  1. Jen – So in your diet you add good fats in during this time with the green drink. I’m so scared of doing anything out of the box to stall my weight loss. I have been on it one week and have lost 6.8 lbs and I am thrilled with that!! Because it is so stringent about no fat (no oil in your lotion or makeup), I assumed the reason was so that your body would use all the abnormal fat instead of any fat we put into or onto our body… I really want to try your green drink – it sounds wonderful… but I’m so nervous…. I have 34 more pounds to loose. any suggestions??
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hello Marsha,
      In your case, if you are comfortable and the diet is working well for you- stay the course. There is no one “right way” to do the hcg diet, and what works for one, may not always work for all. The key to being successful on the Hcg Diet is to simply find what works for you and once you do, stick to it. If you would really like to try the green drink, do it- start by adding one or two a day, and keep an eye on your scale for the first few days. It will work- I promise. If by some chance you see a slow down in your progress, then double check your ingredients. There’s quite a bit of room for flexibility with this shake though so I definitely say it’s a safe (and healthy) addition to your protocol.

      By the way- I really don’t worry about my cosmetics and toiletries. I stick to as natural a product as possible, but honestly, I know very few people these days who worry about this while on the Hcg diet. I have heard different theories on this where some doctors believe Simeons included this because of the heavy fats used in these products back in the day.

      34 lbs to go? You are almost there! You can do it!!!!!!

  2. Miriam Peden says:

    Thank you for sharing

  3. Hi Jen,
    so happy I found this site. I have tried the drops in the past with some success a few years ago. I’ve recently been experiencing difficulty with my metabolism and inability to lose weight, despite exercising and eating as clean as possible. I remembered the concept of HCG and thought I’d give it another try to reset my body – hopefully. My main goal is to gain consistency in my body. I liked Grammy’s feedback – seeming to be “stick to the plan” for best results, but, also like yours listed in your journey. Can you tell me, now that you lost the weight, how often you do the rounds of HCG injections? Is it still part of your maintenance? I don’t want to regain everything I lose when I’m done with the Phase 2 in six weeks. I’d love your feedback and suggestions on maintaining what you’ve lost and how you’ve remained consistent? Thank you, Monica

    1. Hello Monica,

      I first did the Hcg Diet years and years ago, in college. I kept the weight off until I had a baby… 8 years later, I believe. It wasn’t without effort, but the diet was honestly the only thing that worked for me. I waited until my son was done breastfeeding but was eager to do another round of Hcg to start getting the weight off that I gained during pregnancy. My best advice is to learn as much as you can about healthy eating, and stay active to keep the weight off for the long run!

  4. Hi Jen,
    This site is very helpful. This is my 5th time on the diet. I really waited too long this time as I gained almost 30 lbs.
    This IS the only diet that works for me. My problem is that the last 2 times, after the first week, I stall at the same weight for anywhere from 5 to 6 days. Then I lose 1 lb and then stall again for 5 days. I’ve tried the Vinegar and water and that didn’t start things up again. This time I started adding organic lemon juice to a bottle of water and bringing that to work with me to sip on. I get so frustrated and stressed about this that I’m sure that causes the stall also. The first 2 times on the diet I took the drops. These last 3 times it’s been the lozenges that I put under my tongue. I have upped the miligrams but was still stalled for 7 days. I lost 7 lbs in 6 days and then stalled for 7 days. I am thinking about trying your green drink to see if that might help. I just dread doing the diet because of these long stalls. I am hoping that green drink might help decrease the stalls. Any other advice?

    1. Hi Terry!

      Oh wow, I want to give you a hug… I can feel your frustration, and ugh..what a rough ride. First, I would suggest re-evaluating the drops you are using. If it’s one I suggest on my Buy Hcg page, then you are good, but if not, do make sure they actually are real Hcg drops or lozenges. Personally I prefer injections but I realize this is not for everyone. Also, keep in mind that upping the dosage will not necessarily be the right move- a lot of people do far better by lowering their dosage. Does your supplier offer dosage adjustment assistance? Again, if they are from my list of suggested Hcg suppliers, they will offer this- take advantage and make sure you are on a good foundation from the start.

      Next, I would say… bravo for the organic lemon water and vinegar. I can tell you, the few times I stalled on my last round, were from dehydration. The second I up’d my water intake, I started losing again. Last… and most importantly, re-evaluate every single thing you are putting in your mouth! I cannot tell you how many times I took a bite of something and then realized there was sugar in it, or aspartame etc. Ugh- instant staller. Even vinegar beverages can sometimes have a sugar-ingredient in disguise (the nerve of them!) so do check everything carefully.

      My last suggestion- walk, or bounce (as you read in my latest post, I’m a huge fan of rebounders.) Yoga is awesome too and all are just so easy to keep the metabolism stimulated. Keep me posted- I would love to hear updates on how you are doing!

  5. Juanita Perez Orench says:

    Good afternoon, Jen:
    I will finish my 40 days of 500calories and I am moving to phase 3. Any suggestions for this transition phase? Thanks

  6. Hi Jen,
    What have you found works for maintenance after HCG? The lbs. seem to creep back on, very slowly and I don’t let them get too far, but it is the difference of fitting in a pair of jeans comfortably as opposed to being tight. I am probably going to do another round. Anyway, I am interested in your post HCG

    1. Hello Barbara,

      My maintenance tends to be sticking as closely to “whole foods” as possible. I avoid chemicals as much as possible and stick to organic. I also avoid anything “diet” or “fat free.” Kiss of death, these foods! I’m actually working on a new tutorial now that covers all of this- it will be shared here and on Skinny Channel. Omg, if I could go back in time and erase all the “avoid fat!” and “less is more!” brainwashing I learned in my younger years… weight would never have been an issue in my life. I hope to share this with all of you because it has certainly been life changing for me.

  7. Hi Jen,
    Thank you for your blog. I am about to start the HCG protocol and I would like to try your green drink but I am concerned about the fat ingredients. Is it really possible to lose on the HCG having that ? The original protocol says you cannot have any of those types of foods. I know you said to the the earlier post what works for some doesn’t always work for everyone. I just wanted to pick your brain since you have been successful and used different foods.

    1. Hello Shelly,

      After so many years learning about nutrition, I honestly don’t have a fear of “healthy fats” anymore. I have such a better understanding of this and I actually see avocado (for example) as an exchange for meat or protein in general. I have also learned to avoid anything that says “fat free” – omg that’s another blog post in itself. Honestly, I lose weight easier, have far more energy and feel better in general when I have a steady amount of avocado and even coconut oil in my diet. I’m curious though… when you are not on the diet, have you tried any kind of whole food nutrition exchanges? I think you might be surprised at how much “healthy fat” you can eat and not see an increase on your scale. I know it amazed me!

  8. Bubblebubby says:

    Jen I admire your courage….I would be so scared to try these variations cos if it did cause a weight gain—what a waste! Then again, whenever I do the protocol I can’t wait to finish and usually gain weight back also. Maybe a more moderate version would be better!

    1. Bubblebubby, I totally understand! It’s a lot of dedication to do this diet/cleanse, especially if you haven’t ever done it before. I have learned so much over the years though, and it definitely was a journey to find what worked for me. Hopefully what I have learned helps to make it easier for others. Honestly, at this point, I try not to take it too seriously- that is probably a blog post in itself because we seem to be our own worst enemies when it comes to our bodies, our failures and even our successes. Hmmm… I’ll add that to my list for future topics- ty for the inspiration!

  9. When I went on the protocal a few months back I was very successful but then began losing hair like crazy
    Have others had that experience because I need to go back on to lose the final 10 pounds but am scared to lose anymore hair

    1. Hello Jc, I’ve heard this before and usually, it was suspected that the hair loss was from using overseas hcg. I would definitely suggest changing brands if you want to continue. I would be curious to know if this helps in your situation- please feel free to email me. hdihealth (@) gmail. – Jen

  10. The green drink… I do not like avocado, but i know you said all the ingredients are designed to work together. Do you think I could make it without the avocado, or would that not work?

    1. Hello Karla, you can do it without the avocado but I would suggest trying it with maybe a small amount and see if you maybe like it? It really doesn’t taste “avocado-y” 😉 You can also adjust the flavor with the other ingredients to mask it if you find yourself still sensitive to the taste/texture. Even add quite a bit of ice to help with the texture.

  11. Hi Jen I so enjoy reading about your hcg journey. I didn’t see you write anything about loading or maybe I missed it. Do you load on fatty foods for 2 or 3 days?

    1. You know, my loading phase has been different every time. I suggest a 2 day Loading phase, planned and well enjoyed 🙂 IF by chance one of your loading days goes awry. For example, my first day, I got sick! I just wasn’t used to eating foods like that anymore, and certainly not in the larger quantity. So… the next day ended up being Loading Day #1.

      If you are about to start Loading, I strongly suggest jumping into the forums for “Leez’s Loaders” support group. Leez has been an expert on the Hcg Diet for years and years, and she’s just the best at answering questions and offering support.

      Hcg Diet Support Group: Leez’s Loaders

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