Jen's Hcg Diet Blog and Journey - My Success Story Before and After Photos Jen's Hcg Diet Blog and Journey - My Success Story Before and After Photos

HDI has seen hundreds of thousands of HCG Diet success stories over the years. This particular success story is from our founder and editor in chief who lost nearly 90 lbs on the HCG Diet in 2002.

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Jen’s HCG Diet Success Story…

In 2002, I found myself weighing over 240 lbs and wearing a size 18/20.  A few months later, I had lost nearly 90 lbs on the HCG Diet and have kept it off for over 10 years and going.  This is why and how I did it….

When I was in high school, I was already struggling with my weight.  Even though I was a devoted, star-level athlete, I struggled with eating disorders and I always seemed to be quite a bit curvier than my friends.  I didn’t realize then just how I was setting myself up for serious weight problems as I got older.

Out of high school, I gained over 100 pounds in the first year.  I was miserable.  I went on a starvation diet and forced myself to run a mile a day until I lost the weight… even though I hated running.  A few years later, I had gained all of the weight back and more.

I went back and forth on crash diets, Weight Watchers, Atkins, and just about every other diet imaginable until one day, I was talking with a friend… you know that friend we all have- That slender, graceful girl that looks great in a bikini without having to suck her stomach in.  Ya, that one!  While we were sitting in a circle with all of our friends, someone passed a can of Pringles to her.  I watched her take ONE out, and then casually turn the can and read the label while eating the chip.  After she finished the chip, she passed the can along and never had another chip.  I asked her if that was how she kept her figure- if she was just an extremely careful and healthy eater.  She laughed.  She said, “Believe it or not, I was once extremely overweight.”  I couldn’t believe it- my size 2 friend went on to tell me how she had once been close to 200 lbs.  I asked how she had turned it around.  She shared how a doctor she worked with had suggested she try this little-known diet (this was in the late 90’s) and he would prescribed it for her.  I had never heard of this at the time but I asked her every detail I could think of.  The next day I began calling Doctors asking if they could oversee this “HCG Diet” I had heard of.  It wasn’t easy back then.  There was 0 information online about this mystery diet and 99% of the doctors I talked to weren’t familiar enough to give it a go.   After weeks and weeks of research and phone calls, I finally found one that agreed and I started the diet.

I wasn’t given the exact Simeons protocol, but close… with quite a few variations that I felt comfortable with. The doctor adjusted my HCG injection dosage based on my current weight.  He had me on 200 iu daily.  He sent this home with me after showing me how to self administer the shots.

My diet, I kept to a modified version of the Simeons original food list based on my friend’s suggestions as well as what I felt comfortable with.  I had a few salads a day.  My go-to food was a spinach salad with fat free turkey pepperoni, vegan pepper jack rice cheese, cherry tomatoes (very few and not all the time,) occasional spices, and Braggs Amino acids (sprayed on with a dressing sprayer, not poured).  I was shocked-  I was not hungry at all, and I found myself craving salad for the first time in my life.  I would also have green beans and shrimp for dinner, also with juva spice and Braggs for seasoning.  I was extremely careful with my portion sizing.  I would have melba toast as a snack or broken up in one of my salads like croutons.  In the mornings, I stuck with eggs and hot sauce.

I exercised regularly, going to the gym and doing at least 40 minutes of low impact cardio daily- walking or elliptical.  I focused on how good it made me feel rather than my old approach of “I have to do this.”  In the beginning it did not feel comfortable but I kept telling myself how much easier it would get and how great I would look and feel if I just kept at it.  I was right.

The weight began coming off within a few days and did not stop.  I was so motivated at this point, that I started really loving what I was eating and going to the gym.

During the first round, 28 days, I had lost 26 lbs.

It took me less than 4 rounds to lose nearly 90 lbs.

To date, my weight has fluctuated slightly, here and there, but never in excess.

My metabolism has remained strong and my eating habits have really become instinctively healthy.  I still love salads.  I am not overly interested in processed foods like breads and cereals.  I love staying active but I opt for activities that I enjoy rather than going to the gym with the mindset of “I have to work out.”

When I think back, I am still amazed at how simple the entire process was and how the transition phase and maintenance phase were even more simple.  I am so extremely grateful to my beautiful friend (still a size 2 after two children, 20 years later!) who introduced me to the diet.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t consider just how grateful I am for the body I now have and the lifestyle that comes with it.  🙂

As I said, I was on the HCG Diet in 2002 and at the time there were absolutely no websites online about the diet plan. No online guidance, and blogs did not yet exist.  I started a yahoo group to see if others were out there.  I soon found I had a growing member list of people desperately trying to learn about the diet.  I decided to start a website based on all of our pieced-together knowledge and the help from my doctor.  I started the “HCG Diet Info” website and the rest is exciting history: over 100 million visits later, HDI continues to be the leading authority on the HCG Diet Plan.

Update:  After having my baby, I am preparing to start the HCG Diet post-breastfeeding, in 2016.  Bye bye post-baby weight!  You can read my personal plan and HCG diet journey here. Jen’s Blog

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After the HCG Diet – Success Story Continued

Now that my relationship with food has changed, I realize the importance of how I transitioned my diet from starting with HCG diet shots and the VLCD (very low calorie diet) to everyday life.  I didn’t just swap back to my pre-HCG weight loss days.  Instead, I continued with the original Dr. Simeons protocol but added calories through vegetables and liquidy foods (think low-sugar greek yogurt and sugar-free smoothies.)

I learned the importance of keeping the body’s ph balance alkaline and added related supplements to my diet, including vegetable teas (Amazing Grass Superfoods supplements are in my water at all times- In fact, I highly recommend vegetable and alkalizing supplements.  Also, I always make sure I get at least 30 grams of fiber daily, either through high fiber raw foods or supplements.  My daily food intake include omega eggs, strawberries, avocados, spinach… I tend to blend more than cook actually.  Vegetable & fruit smoothies are a staple in my life. In fact, I try to add vegetables or fruit to every meal and eat at least one apple a day, whether I feel like it or not.

I also love to exercise.  In the past, I hated exercise.  It was something I HAD TO DO, rather than enjoyed.  Well, guess what?  Exercise as a healthier person, just doesn’t feel like exercise-it actually feels really great to move and be active.  I also  stopped thinking, “I really need to go to the gym and stay on that treadmill for no less than an hour.”  Instead, I started thinking about what feels good.  I just get on the treadmill and go- who cares about time!  If it’s 10 minutes or 2 hours- whatever feels good!  It became soooo simple.

I initially started with stretching and yoga, which turned to Pilates and Barre.  Pilates turned to the occasional stroll on the treadmill or around the block.  I am not joking, but within a few months, I became addicted to the gym and “moving.”  Not because I had to, but because it felt good.

I went to Puerto Vallarta 6 months after my first Hcg Diet experience.  I found myself hitting the gym at the resort every time I was a bit bored and lost even more weight and felt just incredible.  It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I had lost weight on vacation. Who LOSES weight on vacation???  It honestly never occurred to me that I was on a diet, or had to exercise-  I was just doing what felt good.

I think I discovered the bottom line is just doing what feels good for your mind, your body and your emotional well-being:  Essentially, doing nothing, feels bad and keeps you feeling bad.  Doing something keeps you moving forward and feeling great.

My before and after pictures are posted in the photo gallery of the HCG Diet Forums.

I hope this story and these photos help to motivate and inspire others.  I’ve now lost nearly 90 lbs and kept the weight off since 2002.  I still love going to the gym, I still eat moderately and I rarely think of what I can and can’t eat.  I can honestly say that hcg was what I needed to change my life- it was the gateway to my healthy lifestyle.

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“How I did it… Step by Step

  1. HCG Diet: Dr. Simeons 500 calorie diet with daily HCG injections of 200 units of hcg.
  2. Yoga and Pilates, walking- Anything to keep my heart pumping for a minimum of 15 minutes a day. (Felt great doing this a few times throughout the day!)
  3. Alkalizing.  I added a glass of Supergreens diet supplement (30 lbs of vegetables in one alfalfa-scented, room temp tea to my diet and Alkalizing drops to my water.  I find this has an incredible effect on my appetite, energy levels, and mood.  It also takes a few years off the skin!  (Anytime someone tells me alkalizing is a scam, I laugh- I go by how I feel and I feel fantastic when I’m following this regimen!)
  4. Increased calories through vegetables and negative calorie, organic, raw foods. Increased exercise to 30 minutes a day, sometimes twice a day.
  5. Exercised frequently.  Diet is high in fiber (30-35 grams daily) and alkalized.  At this point, I stopped thinking about what I can and can’t eat- it just became second-nature to eat healthy.
  6. I went shopping– I needed an entire new wardrobe because my clothes no longer fit!

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