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  1. Is the expected weight-loss speed comparable to HCG? Meaning is the loss per day estimated to be the same amount as one would experience while on HCG

    1. I wish I could answer this one for you already, JD! Although I have experience with the ingredients/products individually, the fact that this is a blend and is brand new, means I don’t have enough feedback from my readers, patients and forum members, to give an evidence-based average yet. Hcg works incredibly fast for most individuals, and to date, I haven’t come across anything else that works that quickly, but this is a pretty strategic blend of products that all work well in their own right. It certainly has the potential to be an Hcg-rate contender. If you decide to enroll and try this, PLEASE let me know your experience so we can share with others. You can email me here: hdihealth (@)

  2. I ordered it and I will keep you posted!

    1. Please do Amy! The more feedback I get, the more we can help others determine if it’s right for them, and how to get the most from it if it is. Thank you!!!!

  3. How has it been going for you? Thinking of ordering

    1. I had to put it on hold until we were able to get back to the states. I was stuck in the UK since the start of the year because of covid and with the UK govt locking airbnb’s and the grocery store restrictions etc, it was just impossible to do a full round with focus and proper food and exercise. I tried for a few weeks and it was great, but food was hit or miss over there; we were having to move every few weeks and no exercise facilities were open, which is a huge motivation driver for me. To say “covid made things challenging” would be an extreme understatement.

  4. Really interested to know how this is going for you. Would you recommend?

    1. I had to put it on hold while I was stuck in the UK. I’ve only returned in the last few days but I’ve already put another order in and I’m looking forward to having proper food and exercise options to combine with it. I’m also looking forward to just sitting in one place so I can focus- covid restrictions in the UK required some serious nomad survival that just didn’t allow for any of this.


    Are you still restricted from oils, oil-based products with WayT-Less? HCG – ZERO OILS. I would assume no, based on the diet. You are correct. It is going to be hard to get the results as you would with HCG – On a positive note, HCG is impressive the first couple of times using it, then the results are subpar or not easily obtained over the years. Maybe with this new combo, our bodies will take to it positively. The weight loss could be significant.

    1. No! There are no oil-based restrictions with Wayt-Less. I’ve had up’s and downs with Hcg myself- always great results, but with my lowest loss, it was 17 pounds in a round. All other rounds have been well over 20 pounds, even with a short round. I do think our body chemistry, stress, and food choices are the determining results-factor 99% of the time. I’m excited to be able to give Wayt-Less a full chance. I’ve only just returned from 8 months stuck in the UK because of covid, so I’ll be starting with that again stat.

  6. Any updates? Very curious about this program. Thank you!

    1. I put it all on hold while I moved. One thing I came to realize quickly, is that this medication still requires planning and somewhat of a steady schedule. Or at least a schedule where you have access to a bathroom regularly! lol

  7. Are there any updates for the WAYT-less diet? Curious of the amount of weight lost in the first months of use.

    1. I haven’t been able to complete a full month at a time yet, so I can’t give numbers just yet. I take that as a plus though, compared to HCG, where you really have to complete a full cycle. With Wayt-Less, I’ve been able to take the medication for a few weeks at a time, and then take a break to deal with moves and visiting Mom who is newly retired in Mexico.

  8. I’m curious if you eat more than 800 calories a day will you gain weight like when you do Hcg? I’m also curious if there’s a phase 3 like Hcg ? Do you have to limit yourself on calories for weeks after last pill? Or do you just come off the diet!

    1. I am definitely eating more than 800 calories a day. They do have a suggested meal plan to stick to, but it’s flexible- far more flexible than Hcg’s original protocol. So you definitely don’t lose nearly as fast as with Hcg, but the increased flexibility in your eating options may be worth it to some.

  9. I received my order and am looking to start at the beginning of the year. I’ve done several rounds of hcg in the past and always do well. I’m looking forward to this experience and no injections. I also purchased the Ultraburn; I chose the capsules. Does anyone have any updates? Jen, I’m happy to hear you’ve made it back to the states 🙂

    1. Thank you Kathleen! I’m happy to be back in the states as well. And on the plus side, Oxford has put our classes in zoom-style, so I don’t have to head back anytime soon 🙂

      Keep us all posted on how you are doing with your Wayt-Less journey- I’d love updates, here or to my email; [email protected].

  10. Any update on this, Jen? I was seriously thinking about ordering it. They are offering a 20% off coupon right now.

    1. Hello Gina, I decided to reorder, myself. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t go with Hcg in the future. In fact, to get to my goal weight now, I will probably find myself going back and forth between the two, based on my schedule and my goals for each cycle-period. For example, I like that I can continue on with Wayt-Less without taking a break, but when I feel up for an Hcg round and want to lose a lot more weight in a shorter period, I will go with a round of Hcg.

      1. Gina Cangelosi says:

        Thank you ????

  11. mary ellen Brogdon says:

    I am also looking for results

  12. I am a post breast cancer patient and would like to review the dosages of the three products in the Wayt-Less with my oncologist. I don’t want to take a “dangerous” (to me) amount of any drug or supplement. Can you tell me how much of each drug is in the combo?

  13. Doesn’t seem like anyone wants to commit to trying this and lots of excuses. Timing does help, but if not now, when, right.
    Has anyone actually done this Wayt-less and have results positive or negative they can share?

    1. I was just about to add my final results… I’m not sure I can say it’s good or bad, but it definitely did not have results that compared to the efficiently of Hcg. I am updating the review to include my final thoughts on Wayt-Less.

      1. Thanks for sharing your experience dw. Disappointing, as is the condemnation of HCG by the FDA in general. I did, however, order this, so fingers crossed I will see the positive results I’m looking for.

  14. Marci Steenson says:

    I just ordered today and have had good results in the past from HCG, when I was strict the whole round. I think mindset and being motivated to get the most out of your round definitely helps get the best results. I mentally prepare, try not to plan any big events, or vacations, so I can keep focused. I will keep everyone informed as I go through my round (Waytless)

    1. I’m loving this Marci! You have the right approach, and I’m glad you shared that so it will encourage others to do the same. Mental preparation and planning ahead are really crucial to reaching any goal, and esp weight loss. Please keep us all posted on your progress!

  15. Jessica Judd says:

    I have used HCG in the past with great results! I just started the Waytless diet(I need to lose 15-20lbs), so no data to share thus far. I need to take a break from the HCG diet for a few months ???? I have a couple of girlfriends who need to lose a significant amount of weight(80-120lbs), we were discussing the different programs and the pros and cons of each and during that conversation one of them posed a interesting question. What would happen if you took HCG and the Wayless meds simultaneously? Neither wants to spend the money for both, just curious if you had heard of anyone combining diet protocols?

  16. This was an extremely useless thread as far as feedback is concerned. Very disappointing!

    1. Thank you for your feedback Cathy. If you will kindly read the post, you will see it was taken down for revision. This is not a thread. Have a great day 🙂

  17. Jill Singer says:

    Hello, I have used HCG and had good results and then all of a sudden, I stopped losing. Then took a 6 month break, tried again and didn’t lose. Wry frustrating! But I’ve heard that your body can build up an immunity. It seems like I gain right away after I’m off of it too. I eat fairly clean with the occasional cheats (mostly wine). Might try WAYT-less. Any advice would be helpful.

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