The REAL Benefit of the Hcg Diet:  A future of healthy eating habits. The REAL Benefit of the Hcg Diet:  A future of healthy eating habits.

If you looked in my fridge today, you would be shocked when I tell you… I once lived a life full of taco bell wrappers, McDonalds and Burger King stops.  I couldn’t go passed the cookie aisle in the grocery store without picking up “a little something for the ride home.”  Somewhere between pastry binges, I would vow to “finally lose the weight” and stock up on weight watchers pizzas and rice cakes.  To be honest, I had no clue what healthy eating really was, so there was little hope of me becoming a healthy eater.  That is, until I discovered the Hcg Diet and my life was changed forever…

Learning how to eat healthy with the Hcg Diet Plan.

As you know, when I created this site, there were no resources online, so when I finished my first round, I found myself standing in the grocery store, literally TERRIFIED that I would buy the wrong food and gain the weight back.  So what did I do?  I left.  The next day, I went back and I bought the same food that was on the original Hcg Diet food menu.  I just bought a little more of it.  I didn’t know what eating healthy was, but I knew these foods had to be healthy or I wouldn’t have lost the weight, and I wouldn’t feel all this energy and my skin wouldn’t look amazing… this had to be healthy, or at least a good start.

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That should go down in my life as an epiphany moment, because it was the first truly healthy choice I could make for my lifelong weight maintenance.  You see, the Hcg Diet isn’t just a low calorie, low fat, low everything diet… it’s a whole food cleanse, a detox, and a high protein, high vegetable learning process.  It can also be the first step in learning to eat healthy for the first time in your life.

The REAL Benefit of the Hcg Diet:
A future of healthy eating habits.

Here are a few things I learned on the Hcg Diet, and specifically on Phase 2, that changed my life forever:

  • Eat whole foods.  Skip the over processed foods, skip the frozen dinners, the pastries, the pre-made anything and reach for foods that are “whole.”  Meats of all kinds, whole vegetables, whole untouched everything as much as possible.
  • Portion sizes.  Believe it or not, the portion sizes allowed in Phase 2 are more than enough to keep you satisfied and nourished.  If done properly, Phase 2 can train your body to reach satiety with small portions and prevent overeating.
  • Learn to cook healthy foods.  I wasn’t taught to cook when I was growing up, but when I finally learned, it made eating healthy so much easier- and fun! I have plenty of healthy recipes I can throw together in minutes, or I have some that should be in museums because they take hours and are truly works of art.
  • Learn how to tell when you are really hungry.  I remember being confused over what hunger felt like. I simply did not know because I ate ALL THE TIME. Now, however, I have learned to read my body and understand when I’m really hungry, when I’m somewhat full, when I’m just having a craving, and when I’m on the verge of being “too full.” Because of this, I can predict how much food to put on my plate, how much to eat, when to slow down and when to drink water and “treat” a craving rather than stuff an unecessary meal in my mouth.
  • Eat consistently, and don’t skip meals.  Eating consistently is an important factor for weight maintenance and good health. The Hcg Diet helps get your body on a schedule and builds trust with your metabolism once again, to avoid going into “starvation mode.”
  • Learn to read your body in general. The Hcg Diet can help you get to know your body, including food triggers, food sensitivities, how to know when you are dehydrated, how to know when you need electrolytes, more protein, more vitamins, more rest etc.
  • Learn to blend.  Do yourself a favor, and pick up that Vitamix or Ninja at the store already, and take advantage of all the amazing foods you can make with them. Not only can I make healthy, tasty treats (that even my toddler will drink,) but I also use my Vitamix like a pharmacy:  someone in the house has a cold? Drink this dandelion immunity smoothie.  Ate a lot of icky foods yesterday? Detox smoothie it is! I can even make pumpkin soups in my vitamix and they are fabulous.

Keeping these benefits in mind during your personal Hcg Diet journey can truly change your entire experience.  Better yet, it can result in better choices over the long run, that make living healthy simple and enjoyable.

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