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  • What are Lipotropic Injections?

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    Growing in popularity, Lipotropic Injections have been shown to help millions of people to lose weight and maintain even the most extreme post-diet results. Lipotropins are recognized for treating weight issues on their own, however research has shown they can seriously boost the results of a regimented weight loss plan; particularly medical weight loss plans including the HCG Diet.

    What are Lipotropic Injections and How Do They Work?

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    Simply put, injections of lipotropic nutrients naturally optimize your body’s ability to breakdown and shed fat.  They also prevent weight loss slowing, stalls, and plateaus that occur when significant weight loss occurs.  They consist of the natural substances of Vitamin B12 AND specifically selected amino acids, essential in the consistent and efficient process of weight loss.  All substances combined in Lipotropic Injections are designed to work together to stimulate the body’s ability to metabolize fat properly including the breaking down and releasing of fat and waste products.

    The specific compound formula used in lipotropic injections have been shown to eliminate the risk of diet stalling and plateaus that are the body’s natural response to lengthy weight loss.  In other words, with ANY diet, the dieter will eventually stall or completely plateau as the body adjusts to living on the provided foods and activities.  Lipotropic injections, however, remove this issue allowing the body to continually lose weight at an efficient and consistent rate.

    What are the Lipotropic Compounds in Injections?

    Lipotropic compounds are natural substances that stimulate the breakdown of lipid fat consisting of Vitamin B12 and amino acids.  More specifically, the primary lipotropic agents are choline, inositol and methionine.  These substances are specifically combined for the effects they have on the body’s metabolism when combined.

    Who are Lipotropic and MIC injections recommended for?

    Lipotropic shots are typically recommended for individuals with a history of difficulty losing weight and/or stalling or hitting plateaus during weight loss attempts.


    A Scientific Understanding of Lipotropic Injections and How They Work for Weight Loss

    Lipotropic Injection Nutrients

    The specific properties of lipotropic nutrients create very specific effects on the body’s organs and fatty tissue.  Primarily by stimulating the liver, they influence the body’s overall metabolism, aid in proper fat storage, digestion and the distribution and absorption of nutrients.  They are also a prime factor for the improvement in detoxification of metabolic toxins and waste.  To understand this more thoroughly, we must take a look at what role the liver takes in the body’s natural processes.

    The liver plays such a strong role in the body’s metabolic process, that this single organ alone can be responsible for weight gain and stubborn weight loss.  The liver produces and stores glycogen released from digested, excess carbohydrates.  This results in glycogen release as blood sugar levels fall.  The liver then creates and releases plasma proteins that provide oxygen and nutrients to body tissue and plasma proteins carrying products of waste back to the liver for detoxification.  To further aid in this process, the liver will also produce bile compounds that begin the breaking down of fat for digestive enzymes.  Without this process working efficiently, the body will stall in one or more steps of the process and ultimately result in more fat being stored than necessary, and an inability for the body to breakdown and expel that fat.

    Vitamin B12 in Lipotropic Injections

    The role of Vitamin B12 is an essential one, and possibly the most important substance in lipotropic injections, yet most of us are unaware of it’s role and possibly deficient in it, particularly when losing weight.  The important role of this vitamin is to keep the brain and nervous system functioning normally while maintaining the formation of healthy red blood cells.  By synthesizing and regulating the body’s DNA, Vitamin B12 effects the cellular metabolism processes, while also synthesizing fatty acids and the production of the body’s natural energy.  Obesity, specific medical conditions and the natural aging process are just a few unfortunate factors that can lead to a Vitamin B12 deficiency and require supplementation.

    Choline and Inositol in Lipotropic Injections

    Choline and Inositol are co-enzyme chemicals required for efficient metabolism of fats.  More specifically, they can remove the from the liver, preventing it from being reabsorbed and stored in the body.  The body’s brain and nerve cells are protected by layers of fatty acids, choline and inositol, making these chemicals essential for healthy nerve and brain function.

    Choline in particular is an essential substance for bile production which breaks down foods for digestion.  Without choline, fats are trapped in the liver, where they can halt normal metabolic functions.  Choline also aids in the emulsification of cholesterol, allowing it to be properly absorbed into the blood rather than into the arteries.

    While the body is capable of producing Choline on its own, it requires Vitamin B12 and Methionine (an amino acid) to do so.  However, the amount produced may not be adequate for the body’s metabolic processes.  This is particularly common during consistent and lengthy weight loss; even more so if the body is shedding a significant amount of weight.  For this reason, Doctors will often suggest choline injections for weight loss patients to prevent unwanted changes to the liver, kidney and brain functions.

    The combination of Choline and Inositol allows the body to effectively metabolize fats and cholesterol. A member of the Vitamin B Complex group, Inositol is an important lipotropic agent.  It not only metabolizes fats and cholesterol, but also assists with the transportation of fats throughout the bloodstream.  This makes Inositol an important aid in the redistribution of fat throughout the body, as it helps to reduce cholesterol levels by relocating it to the liver where it can be eliminated.  Inositol deficiencies can result in an accumulation of triglycerides in the liver.  (Triglycerides: the fat compound made of 3 fatty acids.

    Methionine in Lipotropic Injections

    This chemical is an essential amino acid known for it’s role in fat and protein metabolism.  Methionine is an essential amino acid that the body simply cannot produce on its own and must be supplied through the individual’s diet or through supplements (such as lipotropic injections.)  Since it has lipotropic properties similar to choline, Methionine deficiency will negatively affect fat metabolism by limiting choline production.  This, in turn, causes a lack of production in other essential amino acids: cysteine and taurine.  These two amino acids produce proteins and many other important substances important for proper fat metabolism.


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