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  • How to Love Exercise During and After the Hcg Diet

    In 2002, I lost nearly 90 lbs with the Hcg Diet Plan, and another 45 lbs after having a baby in 2017 with Nu Image and Diet Doc. I kept the weight off, and transformed my life to the point that I actually love kale. I also love helping people, which is why I started the first Hcg Diet site: Hcgdietinfo.com. Over 10 years later, 100 million readers, and 2 million pages, HDI has helped millions of people lose the weight for good, and it has become the highlight of my Hcg Diet Journey.

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    How I came to Love Exercise During and After my Hcg Diet

    I get a lot of comments about the Hcg Diet and exercise. Most consist of, “Should I, or shouldn’t I exercise on the Hcg Diet?” (the answer is yes) but I also get a lot of, “Ugh, do I have to? I hate exercise.”  Well, this post is for all you lovely Hcg Dieters that despise the treadmill and see the gym as a boring chore.  I’m going to tell you how I went from loathing exercise to loving exercise during and after my Hcg Diet journey.

    First, let me say that while the weight loss was extraordinary for me, it was the new health habits the Hcg Diet brought into my life, that were truly life-changing.  You see, when I was 240+ pounds, I hated exercise.  I would ride that stationary bike for an hour every day for a week, bored out of my mind and uncomfortable… the scale wouldn’t budge.  I would drag myself to the gym and jump on the treadmill for an hour… my body didn’t change.  The truth is, I was going about it the wrong way and it was making me miserable, while compounding my misery by not making any changes…which made me hate working out even more!

    Well, these days, I LOVE to workout and after speaking with my exercise-advocate nutritionist at Diet Doc, I was even more inspired to

    In fact, I don’t actually call it working out or exercise- I call it moving, movement, being active.

    My Best Tips for Hcg Diet Exercise:

    1.  Change your focus.  Focus is everything, and if you have already made it through a few days of the Hcg Diet successfully… well, you know this to be true! Focus on the benefits of exercise you are doing, while you are doing it, and revel in each and every small change you see in your body.  For me, this was my shoulders and arms first. I have always had round chubby shoulders.  Well, now I have sexy yoga shoulders and it doesn’t matter how much time goes by, I love looking at my shoulders in the mirror when I am blow-drying my hair, or picking up my toddler.
    2. Choose something you love.  If the gym bores you, the treadmill puts you to sleep, and the stairmaster scares you… choose a different activity for your Hcg Diet exercise.  Was there a sport you played in high school that you loved? Is there some sort of activity you have always wanted to try?  (My latest is aerial yoga.)  Do yourself a HUGE favor, pull up that Groupon app and look to see what amazing trial offer you can find at a local gym, pilates studio, yoga studio, martial arts, boxing gym, golf lessons, tennis lessons, etc. Try something that sounds fun and give it a week or so to try it on.  Think you are too unfit to try yoga or feel out of place at the pilates studio? I have seen so many women at the yoga studio who are new to their health journeys and let me tell you- everyone in there is pulling for them! & they look beautiful in their yoga outfits!
    3. Make it FUN.  There are so many ways to make exercise fun. For me, it’s boxing on my XBox with my son or a few friends (I break it out during the holidays and it’s always a huge hit.  Aunt Jer with a glass of wine in her hands trying to punch imaginary floating boxes while the family cheers her on hysterically- come on now, what better way to work off that holiday dinner!)  I also love to have workout buddies (real world or virtual) and make friendly competitions.  Sam and I have a pact- no matter what, Anna doesn’t win the weekly FitBit challenge!  
    4. Make it Social.  If you read my blog or follow me on social media, you KNOW I am a huge fan of the FitBit.  In fact, I wear it everyday and it has been a game-changer for me.  Why? OMG the social butterfly in me loves the social features and I cannot believe how much this has done to motivate me. Every week and every weekend, my FitBit friends and I start up weekly competitions to see who can get more steps in. They also allow you to have virtual races with your buddies including panoramic scenery on the FitBit app, and so much more.  There is something about getting a taunt from your saucy UK friend who just passed you on the New York marathon trail, that makes you want to go for a second walk that day!  Don’t have an Hcg Diet buddy yet? Find one in the forums!
    5. Add some spice! (Variety) Some people find a workout they love and stick to it for life. I am not one of those blessed souls. I need variety and usually can’t bare to do the same workout every day.  I have actually found this keeps me motivated and in tune with my body- a beneficial health skill in itself.  I can ask myself what I feel like doing each day, and what I feel like my body needs.  When I was in Phase 2 of the Hcg Diet, I listened to my body and really took it easy the first week while I got used to the 500 calorie diet.  I mostly stuck to walking early in the mornings (at least 20 minutes) and evenings (at least 30 minutes.)  I added in a few easy yoga poses as well.  After the first week, I kicked it up a notch, going to the yoga and pilates studios a few times a week and extending my walks to at least 40-50 minutes a day.

    My recommended best Hcg Diet exercise:  Walking.

    Pick up a FitBit (they will probably go on sale at Target for Black Friday and I will also be giving one away for hcgdietinforecipes.com) and start tracking those steps.  Invite a few Facebook friends to a step competition and get moving.  At least 20 minutes of steps in the morning, and 30 minutes in the evenings.  Increase as you feel ready.

    Hcg Diet Exercise: Yoga

    I also suggest yoga. For very beginners that want to take it easy, find a “restorative yoga” class nearby, or watch videos online.  These are simple poses, typically done on the floor, that are designed for individuals to gently relax, stretch and realign.  It is a great way to “break the ice” with yoga before getting into the Beginner Yoga practices.

    Hcg Diet Exercise: Rebounder

    If you have yet to try a rebounder, you are in for a treat.  These are similar to a mini trampoline, but are quite firmer and designed for low impact movement.  I use this regularly to bounce for cardio and circulation, as well as for balance with yoga poses.  These are kind of pricey, but the last rebounder I had, lasted nearly 10 years before I upgraded to the one I have now.  I have this one in the 48 inch width and it is the best one I have ever had:  Jen’s rebounder.  I can do a complete workout on this while watching TV, getting in my cardio, my steps, my balance and flexibility yoga poses, and even weights.  Oh, and when I bought it, this was over $250- I just noticed the price is down almost $100! Niiiice.  Anyway, take a look at youtube for rebounder workouts and get your bounce on!

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