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Lose Weight the Quick and Easy Way with Medifast

You may think you’ve tried it all and failed. Whether you have struggled with being overweight most of your life or you just want to lose a few pounds before that fabulous beach holiday – look into Medifast and lose without the yo-yo effect. Unlike fad diets it actually teaches dieters healthy food choices and encourages exercise. It provides maintenance support to avoid falling back into the old habits. Let’s look at it a bit closer.

What is Medifast

Medifast is an eating plan that includes regular meals as well as specially designed Medifast meals such as bars, shakes, smoothies, soups and other ready meals. These are designed with your wellbeing in mind. They low calorie, low GI options and are enriched in vitamins and minerals needed to keep you safe and healthy throughout your weight loss journey.

How Medifast Works

There are various plans depending on your individual requirements. Most plans are based on eating a couple of regular meals each day filled with green vegetables and lean protein with a small amount of healthy fats. On top of those, you consume 4 Medifast meals and 1 healthy snack such as a yoghurt or piece of fruit. The Medifast meals are excellent due to a huge variety of around 70 different meals for both sweet and savory tooth. They are composed to match your macro- and micronutrient needs and are low in calories. It’s an excellent idea to incorporate real meals into the diet from the very beginning to promote learning new, better and more sustainable eating habits.

Why it’s Sustainable

Medifast includes a maintenance option to help avoid the yo-yo effect and teach you healthy eating habits for life. Thrive Healthy Living Program facilitates healthy weight maintenance based on balancing your food intake with the calories you burn. They offer a great app to track all your calories, macronutrients (fats, protein and carbs) daily and even the water you drink. It then tracks the balance between your intake and calorie expenditure. In this maintenance phase you will eat 3 Medifast products – Healthy Fuelings that are designed to keep you healthy and fit. You will also consume two Lean and Green meals and 1 regular balanced meal. At 6 meals a day, it is easy, sustainable and pleasant.

The Medifast resources are extremely helpful and include shopping lists, example meal ideas and even an eating out guide. All this education helps change your lifestyle for good and maintain a healthy weight and habits for life! Being encouraged to exercise daily is a great addition to the diet and an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

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