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  • Mindset and Focus while Losing Weight with the Hcg Diet Plan

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    Mindset and Mental Focus on the Hcg Diet

    There is a lot to be said for mindset when it comes to health and focus when it comes to weight loss.  The truth is, your mindset can make or break your efforts, and at the very least, an unprepared mental state can bring up a lot of challenges.  With that said, there are two routes that can be taken on the Hcg Diet.

    1. Go in unprepared, focus on the restrictions of the diet and the fact that this is all about weight loss.  “I’ll give it a try but it might not work for me. I don’t get to eat anything I like, and I’ll be miserable but it’s just for a few weeks so we’ll see.”  Sound familiar? This approach can bring up countless challenges or lead to the only possible failure: quitting.
    2. Go in prepared, positive and ready to reach your goals, NO MATTER WHAT.  You are prepared to take setbacks lightly, know that there will more than likely be a stumble or two, but keep your head in the game and know your outcome. Success is a must because you are ready to be healthy!  Is this you? Great, then you are already on your way to reaching your goals in the most effortless and graceful approach possible.

    Focus is key.

    Keep your head focused on your successes and your ultimate goal: learning to be healthy for LIFE.  That means, celebrate each and ever success, big or small.  In fact, we have a special section for this in the Hcg Diet Forums under “Success Stories.”  Did you lose .5 pounds after making wise choices eating out on protocol? Fabulous- shout it! Did you create a fabulous new recipe that has become your healthy “go-to” and has increased your losses? Great job!  Did you pass on that birthday cake served at work today? Maybe you added an extra few blocks to your daily walk, or finally fit into that little black dress you bought at the beginning of your round.  Whatever it is, treat it as the accomplishment of a lifetime! You deserve it, and you have many more to come!

    Mindset is life-changing.

    Step into the mindset of that skinny healthy girl inside you, from the start.  Start learning NOW about healthy eating, healthy food choices and educate yourself in preparation for this new life you have already started living while on the Hcg Diet.  Getting into that mindset of already being thin and healthy, creates a snowball effect and leads to not only living a healthy and happy lifestyle, but it also helps you learn to enjoy living like the healthy fit rockstar that you are!



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