Most filling foods for weight loss Most filling foods for weight loss

The Hcg Diet teaches us healthy eating habits, including how to tell when you are REALLY hungry, what foods to eat on a regular basis… and how to manage your hunger in general.  The truth is, when we eat the right foods, filling-foods, we are eating quality foods that help us stay on track, lose weight, and also keep our hand out of the cookie jar.

It probably won’t be a surprise when I tell you that low quality foods lead to feeling hungry faster- it can also lead to a chain reaction where repeat hunger leads to “cheating.”  Processed foods, Ice cream, donuts, high sugar treats, simple carb junk foods… these Hcg diet approved foods lead to fast hunger repeat throughout the day.

Filling Foods that are Calorie Light and Best on the Hcg Diet and Beyond

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One Hcg Diet benefit of eating filling foods, is how it helps to stabilize hunger in a BIG way.  I have spent a lot of time researching this list and talking to the nutritionists at Diet Doc (Review here.)  I was able to easily identify the hunger and feelings of fullness on days when I ate the following foods, especially in the mornings.

Most filling foods for Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the Hcg Diet:

  • Eggs:  One of the most filling foods you can eat, eggs can leave you feeling fuller for up to 36 hours after you eat them. They are full of healthy protein, while the yolks are high in amino acids, antioxidants, and healthy fat that actually aids in fat burning.  Studies have shown that having eggs for breakfast over processed breads such as a bagel or toast, left to less hunger and lower calorie intake over a 36 hour period.
  • Fish: Amazing source of high quality protein as well as omega 3 fatty acids that our bodies can only get from foods.  This healthy fat helps you to lose weight and even has anti-aging benefits.  Studies have shown that the protein in fish actually has a more intense effect on fullness than any other protein.
  • Soups: Research shows that soups stay in the stomach longer, leading to hunger satisfaction for extended periods of time. The water and liquid content also helps maintain hydration which again, leads to the body feeling more satisfied and resulting in less hunger and cravings throughout the day. Both smooth soup and chunky soups offer these benefits however smooth soup does have a slightly higher satiety rating.
  • Lean Beef and Chicken:  Beef rates higher than chicken but both are incredibly high protein and have been proven to lead to the long run fullness factor.  Studies have shown that eating beef or chicken at lunch led to significantly less calories consumed from post-snacks and dinner.
  • Vegetables: Vegetables are high volume, extremely low calorie with a list of nutrients a mile long. Every Hcg Diet-friendly vegetable is on the “most filling foods” list.  They are full of vitamins, minerals, water, and beneficial plant compounds as well as fiber.  Eating vegetables BEFORE your meal, such as a salad, doesn’t just fill you up, it actually gives the body so much nutrition, the body signals satisfaction sooner rather than hunger.
  • Cottage Cheese:  High in protein, low in carbs and calories, cottage cheese has been found to have a similar effect on hunger reduction as eggs.
  • Whole Apples and Oranges:  Include these in your daily diet as a filling food staple.  These fruits have been shown to slow digestion because of the high fiber density, while they are also high in vitamins and water content which also leads to feeling fuller longer.
  • Coconut Oil:  A newer addition to the modern Hcg Diet protocols, coconut oil is a unique food that has been noted for reducing appetite and calorie intake.  Studies have shown that a small amount of coconut oil eaten at breakfast leads to eating about 256 calories LESS throughout the day.

Hcg Diet Phase 4 Filling Foods (ongoing life maintenance, healthy eating.)

All of the foods above plus…

  • Boiled or baked potatoes: potatoes have gotten a bad wrap over the years but in moderation they are incredibly healthy: Vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C and Potassium, high water content, fiber and protein. These are noted to be the most filling food possible. Studies have shown that eating potato with protein such as steak, vs. steak with rice and pasta, the potato eaters felt satisfied sooner and ate far less calories
  • Oatmeal: High in fiber and very filling, oats are noted for their ability to soak up water which also helps satisfy the body’s hydration needs. Oats as oatmeal or porridge, leads to long lasting hunger satisfaction and leaves the stomach very slow. The result is a long lasting satiety after the meal.  Definitely the better choice over ready made cereals.
  • Greek Yogurt:  Research has shown that greek yogurt’s high protein and high volume consistency, equals long lasting satiety, especially over regular yogurt.  Excellent as a choice for breakfast or early afternoon snack.
  • Quinoa:  A favorite of mine, this is one versatile whole grain with plenty of protein and fiber.  Quinoa is processed slowly by the body, leaving volume in your stomach, while satisfying the body’s need for protein.  The high fiber content also leaves the body feeling happy longer.  Eat this for breakfast with a bit of almond milk, strawberries and a touch of agave as an oatmeal alternative, or have it later with seasonings, chicken and vegetables.
  • Nuts:  High in healthy fats, nutrients and protein, almonds and walnuts are particularly helpful as filling foods.  They are known to stabilize the blood sugar which reduces cravings too!  One interesting study showed that chewing nuts at length (40 times approximately) led to a  greater reduction in hunger and an increased feeling of fullness, compared to chewing 10 or 25 times. Hmmm… something to chew on.  😉

There you have it, the most filling foods you can eat on the Hcg Diet and beyond.  Eat these foods as the main portions of your diet, and your body will thank you!

Research studies sources: Satiety Index by Dr. Medoza and Nutritionists at Diet Doc.

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