HCG Hormone: What you need to know | HCG DIET INFO

Switching to real hCG, drops or pellets isn’t hard. IF you have discovered your hCG is homeopathic and want to change to real pharmaceutical hCG are the quick and easy steps to take you from starvation mode and muscle loss to your body releasing fat. So how does one switch to real pharmaceutical hCG drops… read more »

HCG Diet Pellets

One of the newer options available, HCG Diet Pellets have quickly become a well known option for the HCG diet plan.  They come with countless success stories, however, they are still recognized as not being as effective as HCG injections and drops.   The main reason for this, is the numerous studies that have shown only… read more »

HCG Diet Pills, Pellets and Tablets

HCG diet pills are an alternative to shots or drops for the hCG diet. However don’t be fooled by the many cheap hCG pellets on the market, most are homeopathic and contain 0 hCG. For real hCG pellets you have to have them compounded by a pharmacy which means you need a prescription. You can… read more »

Rx or Homeopathic? HCG Injections or HCG Sublingual?

I have read and read and am just more confused? I started with sublingual homeopathic drops losing 19 pounds in 40 days..with absolutely no cheating. I am reading for a second round to lose the remaining 20 pounds, but am thinking of switching to …