Why You Should Eat Before Bed Why You Should Eat Before Bed

Why You Should Eat Before Bed

One thing I’ve noticed, being back on the HCG Diet Plan, is that when I don’t have a good night’s sleep (I have a baby- It happens ;)) I lose less weight, or stall all together.  This brought me to do a little research, so I could understand just how sleep relates to weight gain… read more »

Eat Out - Dine Out on the HCG Diet Eat Out - Dine Out on the HCG Diet

How to Dine Out on the HCG Diet – & Food List

Jens Tips For Dining out on The HCG Diet & during the maintenance phase. HDI Forum Member Question: I just want one simple list of approved foods you can eat during the protocol diet. Obviously high protein is key, no sugar, no starches and a lot of fruits you can’t eat cause of high sugar… read more »

Why I’m Not Afraid of Butter

What about food, you ask? This is the craziest thing- I’m not afraid of butter. I’ll say it again… I’m not afraid of butter. I’m not afraid of chocolate either. The difference between big-Jen and now-Jen though… I rarely eat butter. It just doesn’t occur to me to eat it regularly. I buy unsalted, organic… read more »

My Medifast Review

You may think you’ve tried it all and failed. Whether you have struggled with being overweight most of your life or you just want to lose a few pounds before that fabulous beach holiday – look into Medifast and lose without the yo-yo effect. Unlike fad diets it actually teaches dieters healthy food choices and… read more »

hCG Diet Phase 4 Tips

To ensure long term stabilization of your hCG weight loss, follow these hCG Diet Phase 4 Tips. These practices will help to avoid the need for a steak day or similar correction day. Use a little common sense and a lot of willpower. It’s important to remember that as with any diet, long term successes… read more »