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  • HCG Diet Information: What is the HCG Diet Plan?

    What is the HCG Diet Plan?

    The hCG Diet Plan began as a way for seriously obese individuals to lose weight quickly. It was developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons and published in his well known manuscript, “Pounds and Inches.” This original hCG Diet Protocol consists of synthetic hCG injections in small doses, combined with a very specific 500 calorie diet, referred to as the VLCD (very low calorie diet.) While the diet does result in rapid weightloss, it is important to know that the true benefit of the hCG Diet Plan is found it its ability to modify the dieter’s eating behavior, similar to a diet cleanse, resulting in long-term weight loss.

    About HCG used for weight loss:

    HCG Stands for Human Choriogonadotropin. It is a hormone naturally produced by women during pregnancy. Dr. A.T.W. Simeons research suggests a small, daily injection amount of hcg (approx. 125 IU to 200 IU), results in an average weightloss of 1 to 2 lbs a day when accompanied by a VLCD (very low calorie diet). For specifics, please read Dr. Simeons original protocol in addition to Kevin Trudeau’s book, “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About.


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    In 2002, a friend introduced me to the Hcg Diet because it worked for her. Little did I know, that would change my life forever: Months later, I was nearly 90 lbs lighter and I have kept the weight off. My HCG Diet journey led me to start the first HCG Diet site on the web... that has now had over 100 million readers and has helped countless people to lose the weight for good. It is 2016 now. I have had a baby, and I am ready to lose the post-pregnancy weight using the HCG Diet once again. It's what I know works.

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