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    In 2002, I lost nearly 90 lbs with the Hcg Diet Plan, and another 45 lbs after having a baby in 2017 with Nu Image and Diet Doc. I kept the weight off, and transformed my life to the point that I actually love kale. I also love helping people, which is why I started the first Hcg Diet site: Hcgdietinfo.com. Over 10 years later, 100 million readers, and 2 million pages, HDI has helped millions of people lose the weight for good, and it has become the highlight of my Hcg Diet Journey.

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    My Rejuvi Medical Review from A to Z

    2018 Rejuvi Medical Review Update:  After many years in business, Rejuvi Medical has closed their doors quite unfortunately.  If you are looking for a legitimate Hcg source, please check my “Buy Hcg” page linked at the top of this site.  My recommended Hcg sources are updated regularly and offer exclusive discounts available only here on hcgdietinfo.com.

    I’m so excited to be sharing my Rejuvi Medical Review while trying it for my HCG Diet Plan this round! I’m taking full advantage of my pregnancy weight gain to explore the Hcg Diet Plan once again.  I’m planning to investigate and share every possible detail and FAQ I have heard since starting HCG Diet Info in 2002.  Part of this approach includes testing out my own recommended hcg suppliers…WITHOUT THEM KNOWING! That’s right, I am going under-cover to try them out.  As my current readers and forum members know, I am ridiculously particular when it comes to recommending any product or service on this site- I have high standards and even higher concern for safety when it comes to myself, my family and those who visit HCG Diet Info. With that said, I can assure you that I have already thoroughly researched (and downright interrogated lol) my recommended hcg companies.  I trust them explicitly and immediately knew I wanted to use them for my personal HCG Diet this time around.

    However… even though I have known Rejuvi Medical for years, and am in contact with the company owners, I decided NOT to tell them I would be using them for my personal HCG diet.  Why?  I want to put my feet in the shoes of my readers and experience the buying process on my own.  I am planning to purchase one round from each supplier, with my own money and without any special treatment.  Maybe I watch too much “Undercover Boss,” I don’t know, but I have already found this approach helpful and am excited to share my experience.

    Last week, I ordered my first round of HCG from Rejuvi Medical, formerly known as New Edge Health.  (For my next round, I will be ordering from Nu Image Medical. So stay tuned for that upcoming Nu Image Medical review.)

    I purchased a single round of HCG from New Edge, using the Hcg Buy Guide.  Although they offer prescription Hcg injections and tablets (pellets,) I chose to buy Hcg injections because this worked for me the last time around.  I was tempted to try the sublingual Hcg tablets they offer, that are dissolved under the tongue and I may try this during my 3rd round.  I was very interested in their explanation of how these tablets absorb even better than trioch/pellets or drops because they absorb more efficiently. But alas, that is another post.  Back to my Rejuvi Medical review…

    With the HDI discount and their subscription discount, my total price came out to $196 for my prescription Hcg injections, Vitamin B and Lipo injections, plus all of my supplies for mixing and injecting… I was 100% ready to go!

    My Rejuvi Medical Review (New Edge Health) My prescription Hcg injections order arrived and included all mixing supplies and more:

    Rejuvi Medical Review - New Edge Health Hcg Review

    • My prescription for the Hcg was included in the price, and the label was a REAL prescription making this 100% legal (important to me!)
    • Guidebook with their recommended HCG Protocol (my food list will vary based on my body and their coaches support this.) Also includes FAQ and some very helpful information for those new to the HCG Diet.
    • (1) Vial of HCG (5000 iu) in powder form (unmixed) with prescription label on it.
    • (1) Vial of Methylcobalamin (5 Weeks of Vitamin B) 1mg/ml 1000mcg/ml –  (I’m a huge fan of vitamin B shots already and this was a free bonus for HDI readers so YAY!)
    • (1) Bottle of Bacteriostatic Water (30 ML which is large & marked “for multiple dose.”)
    • (3) Bags of 10 syringes (Total: 30 insulin needles for self-injection) 30 gauge (tiny tiny tiny insulin needles), 5/16″ long, 1 ml cc volume.
    • (1) 5 ML syringe for mixing.
    • (1) 18 gauge 1 1/2 inch 1.2x38mm needle for mixing.
    • 30 Alcohol swabs (I can’t believe they even included the alcohol swabs! I literally don’t have to buy a thing!)

    I loved that everything was included, right down to the alcohol swabs. I literally don’t have to buy a single thing other than a new FitBit (mine is on the fritz after years of use because I’m addicted to this little gadget.)

    I placed my order on a monday evening. Wednesday morning, I received a call from a nurse practitioner telling me my prescription had been approved and I was cleared to begin the diet. She also asked if I had any questions and let me know I could call 7 days a week if I needed support. Fabulous!

    My HCG shipped and took 3 days to arrive- It arrived so fast, I didn’t have time to prepare to begin!  Honestly I thought I would have more time to make a personalized list of loading foods, add an hcg diet menu to my fridge (I did this last time and it was great!) and gather my hcg diet recipes.  Instead, my hcg is sitting in my kitchen, patiently waiting on me-   Thank you patient hcg 🙂

    I hope you found my Rejuvi Medical review helpful. If you have any questions about my order, feel free to comment below!

    My next post will be on my preparations for the hcg diet.  I will be sure to include an HCG Diet checklist for those just starting out.


    About my hcg diet blog: I am the founder of HCG Diet Info, the first and only leading authority on the HCG Diet Plan.  In 2002, I lost nearly 90 lbs on the HCG Diet and kept it off until having my baby last year. I am now starting my 2nd HCG Diet journey and blogging my experience as I reach my goal to shed all those unwanted post-baby pounds.Jeni Founder of HCG Diet Info




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    1. Jen what company did you like better …New Edge or Nu Image? You have that Nu Image has the highest potency so are they better? I didn’t see your review on them.

    2. Hi there! I honestly love them both but Nu Image is by far, the “Cadillac” of Hcg Suppliers. For my 3rd round, I’ll be ordering from Nu Image again because of the high potency factor and 5 day delivery. Both have been fantastic; both have U.S. made hcg (I only trust U.S. HCG suppliers) and both include all your supplies. If you are really new to the diet, I would recommend Nu Image mainly because they do such an amazing job holding your hand through the entire process.

      On the other hand, if you want pellets, I would suggest New Edge because they use a form that can be cut in half if you later need to cut your dosage (which they are happy to guide you through.) If you are going with hcg drops, I would recommend Nu Image above anyone else for Rx grade. If you are going with homeopathic, then I have a company listed on the buy hcg page for that. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions- hdihealth (@) gmail. Good luck!

    3. I just received an order from Nu Image and they only included 2 alcohol swabs to be used with mixing so I had to buy more to use daily when giving the injections. They’re cheap so it’s not a big deal, but didn’t want people to think that they would received everything they need right away.

    4. Sarah, if you call them, they will send more. That had to be a mistake and they are great with customer service and quick to make customers happy. Good luck!

    5. Hi Jen, does your discount code work with New Edge to order pellets? When I change products on the website, it doesn’t seem to keep the promo or am I doing it wrong? Thanks.

    6. I’m glad you brought that to my attention! Something must have changed when they updated their site. If you call, they can apply the promo but I have already contacted Nu Edge to have them correct their sales page. Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention!

    7. I just ordered from nu image, and my total order cost 800$!! I had no idea about the discounts- can you really get it all for 196$???

    8. Hello Colleen. Omg yes! Nu Image & New Edge give HDI readers an exclusive discount. Call them, let them know you are an HDI reader and ask if you can get Jen’s discount. They are really great- I’m sure they won’t have a problem adjusting this for you. If you have any problems, email me – hdihealth ((@)) gmail.


    9. Hi Jen! Have you tried the tablets/pellets from Nu Edge or know anyone who’s had success with them? I take it you prefer the injections, correct? Thanks in advance!

    10. Hi Elaine! I have only tried the injections myself- I think I may try their pellets on my next round, just to compare. I have heard countless success stories though so I feel comfortable recommending them. I have really just stuck with injections because that was all that was available when I started the diet; it worked so well back then, I just opted to go that route again when to lose the pregnancy weight.

    11. Hi Jen, I just found your site tonight! Love it!! Thank you! For now I just have one question, I have plenty more, but this is the most pertinent. I started at 186.9, I’m not sure off the top of my head which day I’m on, but I have 7 shots left (doing 40 days). I’ve lost 28, I am a professional dieter for 30+ yrs. I have never found anything like this, it’s amazing. However, I have always been a super hot person, now I can’t get warm wearing 2 long slevee shirts and sweats plus yoga pants underneath. Have you heard of this?

    12. Congratulations on losing those 28 pounds in your first month! Great job! I hope you are really celebrating that achievement.

      I have talked to plenty of people who have experienced feeling cooler or warmer than usual on the diet. I tend to feel warmer than usual myself. (I’m normally that girl who always has a sweater stashed in her purse because I’m always chilly!) From all my research, I understand that it is a result of the 2 degree shift hcg makes to your hormone cycle. Sometimes it shifts your body temperature, changes your sleep patterns (many sleep better while taking hcg or Lipotropics) or see an increase in energy levels. Once you transition to phase 3 (maintenance phase) you should return to normal. Please keep me posted- I would love to know how your personal experience is.

    13. Have you ordered HCG through US HCG or only their Lipo? Is the potency of their HCG as good as with the other two suppliers you recommend?

    14. Hello Cathy, I have recently ordered hcg from US Hcg Shots but have not tried it yet. Right now, I am still using New Edge Health’s Hcg. I’m losing so well with them, I didn’t want to switch just yet. I will be trying US Hcg next and will post my personal review of the ordering experience and how I do with their Hcg. Their Lipo is fantastic though so I’m eager to try their Hcg as well.

    15. Hi! Jen thanks for all the information.
      I take specific medications for anxiety and depression, by any chance do you know if I still can do the HCg. Thanks

    16. All I can tell you, is that there are many many many others that have successfully completed the hcg diet while also taking anxiety and depression medications. There is a nurse in our forums that can answer specific questions- look under the “Hcg Diet & Medical Conditions” section. Her name is Katz and she is incredibly knowledgeable about the diet and in medicine in general. I hope this helps!

    17. Hi Jen,
      What exercise do yoh do to counter the flabbieness after weightloss? Also I sneeze so much after my sublingual drops. Have you ever heard of that?

    18. You know, in all my years of talking to thousands of hcg dieters, I have never heard of anyone sneezing after hcg drops! Gesundheit! As for the flabbiness- I just stick to yoga and it keeps that at bay. I also like using resistance bands and I find those tone amazingly well.

    19. Hi Jen. I’m getting ready to order from nu image. The 46 day supply And I’ll be ordering the lipo shots from us hcg,
      I tried to use the promo code WELCOMETONU and it didn’t take. Is there another nu image promo code for a discount? Thanks

    20. Hi Janet! So sorry for the delay- I have family visiting this week. The Nu Image Medical promo/discount is automated from the link on the Buy Hcg page. If you have any problems, you can email me. 🙂 WELCOMETONU should work again now though, and you can use it over the phone or just mention HCG Diet Info.

    21. HI Jen – I wish I had the same experience as you with New Edge. I ordered on August 11, was approved by the practitioner on Aug 12, and still have no HCG. I was locked out of my account, no one ever answers the phone or email , Finally on Aug 22 I had an email telling me they were behind in filling orders. I have no idea when I receive my HCG diet kit. I currently don’t have a good feeling about this company..

    22. Hi Jen,

      I ordered from New Edge and somehow it doubled my order (thanks, technology ha!). I’ve been calling and I’ve emailed them. No one has responded or picked up a phone call. Have you dealt with this company recently? I’m getting nervous as $1000 is a big difference from the $500 i was prepared to spend and no one is answering or calling me back. I just was to resolve the issue before they actually ship anything.


    23. Lisa, another reader contacted me about this so I reached out to the owner, Jonathan. They had some unexpected changes come up that threw their usual 5-7 day system off for several weeks. They were already going through a move and a management change, and then suddenly made an ethical choice to take on some extra workload to help their preferred compounding pharmacy that was randomly reviewed by the FDA (thank you FDA for the serious inconveniences yet again!) It really ended up throwing things for a loop. They have hired several new staff members to get things back on track and my understanding is that as of today, they are caught up and things are getting back on track. It is so unfortunate- they have been around for years and this is the first time I have ever heard of anyone having any issues with them. Lisa, if you want to reach out to me privately (hdihealth (@) gmail .com), I can see if I can help more than just an explanation, if it would help you. I realize it’s frustrating when you are trying to establish a much-needed plan for this diet and suddenly, you’re put on hold and notices are slow coming in! Hopefully, that has all come to an end now and they will be back on their usual speedy path.

    24. Hello Carly, don’t worry- I have had a few readers do the same thing and it was always handled without an issue. Do be patient in getting through to them; as I shared in my previous response, they had an unexpected hiccup in their usually, “clockwork system” but they have hired new staff to catch things up and get back on track.

    25. Hey Jen. I am currently on the HCG diet through my doctor. I want to continue after this bottle is done and have been reading all of your information. I wanted to go this route because it’s cheaper than what the doctors offers the HCG. Do I need the Lipo or is that just something additional you can add? To my knowledge, I’m not taking it now, unless it’s premixed in with the HCG. I have been on it for almost 4 weeks and have lost 17.5 pounds. What are your thoughts and suggestions about whether or not to use the Lipo along with the HCG?

      Thanks in advance

    26. Marilyn Valencia on

      Hi Jen, I referred a friend to New Edge last week. She placed the order, was called back the next day and was approved for the hcg. She received the confirmation email on and as of today her account still shows its not been shipped. As others have mentioned, when she calls…she gets no answer. She’s about to call her credit card company and stop payment because its taking so long, but I want her to wait until I can get some info for her. She has never ordered hcg before so she is a little skeptical. I’ve read and understand that they had some FDA issues a few weeks ago, but that seems to have been taken care of by now. So do you know of any other reason she might not have gotten some shipment tracking info yet? What is the usual turn around time to receive the hcg?

    27. I ordered from New Edge and having same difficulty as others. locked out of account and not sure if I will get hcg in a timely manner. Hope this gets resolved quickly !!

    28. Hi – I had the same exoerience with NewEdge recently. Placed order but have heard nothing. Hope to get HCG in a timely manner.

    29. Hi Heather, Yes, I don’t blame you- local doctors charge crazy money for their Hcg Diet programs and the Hcg itself. I personally like the Lipo but it’s in no way necessary; just a matter of personal preference. In fact, some of my forum moderators prefer not to use them. I am at goal now but I still get the Lipo shots frequently; they’re great for my pre-workout routine and I definitely notice a difference.

    30. I’m playing a bit of catch up on responses… my brother passed away earlier this month unfortunately, so I took a little time off.


      For about 2 months, I think it was taking over 2 weeks to get Hcg from New Edge but it seems to be getting back on track now, and taking just over a week for most people. The FDA really made their pharmacy jump through hoops; but they came out with flying colors and are very proud of themselves. I am a little proud of them too 🙂

      If anyone wants to post their recent timeline to help others with this question, please feel free!

    31. Anyone know if the turnaround time is any faster? I would rather order elsewhere if it is going to take two weeks.

    32. Hi Jen! Is there any medical reason why someone would chose injections over the sublingual tablets? I know you said you chose the injections because you at least know they work. But does the body treat either method differently? Thanks!

    33. Jen, I’m new to this forum and appreciate the wealth of information. And I’m so sorry for the loss of your brother.

    34. My honest take on this, (and I’m asked this question a lot) is that MOST people do great with injections or sublingual hcg tablets and both work. However, SOME people don’t do as well with the tablets as with injections. Everyone is different- the safe bet seems to be injections and there’s a small chance that tablets won’t work quite as well as the injections.

      Which did you decide to go with and how are they working for you? Please keep me posted so we can share the wealth of hcg information!

    35. Jen, thanks so much for your insight and helpful suggestions during your journey. I did the injections through a clinic back in 1980 to lose 50 pounds before entering the Air Force as a nurse. Kept that off until second baby in 1989, Did the drops again in 2010 to lose weight before going overseas as a Diplomat with my AF husband and lost 50 pounds but within the next six years it all came back through my eating habits. So I am on my 3rd set, 60 years old, and doing the injections from USHCGshots. Any problems from them? I am using HCG 5000 per vial reconstituted per their instructions and using a 31 G needle used for U-100 Insulin. I have been told to use 17 units each time (syringe is marked off 10 to 50 units). Is this the correct amount from what you are used to?
      I used the patches for the first week waiting for the injections as I wanted to get started (lost 12 pounds) and plan on doing two cycles of 40 days with 21 days in between each cycle without the injections. I am hoping to lose my 50 pounds before we go on our 30 day cruise from Australia to USA.
      I look forward to reading all your blogs and very thankful for finding you here.

    36. Jen

      Thanks so much for all the valuable information.
      I also placed an order 10 days ago with New Edge Health and while my CC was charged a week ago I have not received any information on when my order will be shipped. I have tried sending emails – which get unanswered. Nobody answers the phone either. With slow turn arounds and poor customer support,I will certainly not be a returning customer.

    37. Hi Jen,

      I am thinking of starting this diet and I was wondering if you recommend the Old HCG or the New HCG diet format.


    38. Yes Leah, the sources listed on my “Buy Hcg” page are all real Hcg. I know there are a lot of fake brands and even watered-down brands now, which is why I only recommend the ones I KNOW are legitimate. I hope this helps Leah!

    39. Hello Andrea, you know, I think I have outgrown the idea that there is only ONE correct way to do the Hcg Diet. I have had over 100 million readers to this site, and millions of dieters… I can tell you that there are now thousands of Hcg Diet protocol variations, and there is no one version that works the best across the board. It depends on the person and what fits their own needs and preferences. I am just finishing a post that shares my own personal approach to the diet. So far, this round has been the easiest and most successful of all. I look forward to sharing it with you and hearing your thoughts.

    40. Hello Vierah, I do not know what exactly is going on with New Edge, but I have spoken with the owner of the company several times. I was told they are growing and making significant improvements but I am sad to hear they are still not back to the efficient response-times they had. Myself, I just ordered from Nu Image for this round- my order was at my door in exactly 5 days! They are slightly more expensive than New Edge, but Nu Image is known as being the “Cadillac” of all Hcg suppliers, and they have excellent customer service. I also taken into account…I am eating so little food over the next month, it evens out compared to what I spend on my Hcg and Lipo/B12 etc.

    41. Hello, Jen.

      I am new at this. I am 41 years old and find it so hard to lose weight and I would love to just get rid of it all. I have found your page during all my internet search and I had a question – Which do you find more effective shots, drops, or pellets. I would assume the shots but how effective are the drops and/or pellets?

      Please whenever you get a moment to answer. Thank you.

    42. Hello this will be my first time trying the HCG Diet. However, I hear so much about this product. Thought I give it a try. Thank You for all the Helpful Information..

      Best Regards,
      Grayce Robinson Pack

    43. Hello Rose! I prefer Hcg shots but honestly, I have seen plenty of success stories with all variations. The needles are soooo tiny I don’t even feel them, and it’s what I have seen the most success stories from. Drops would be the next best thing, based on the success stories I have seen, and pellets would follow up after that.

      For anyone else that reads this and is curious- I do NOT recommend the “sprays” or similar. I just cannot recommend these because I don’t feel they are legitimate, and I have seen sooooo many bad stories on these from my readers.

    44. Hey Jen, I’ve enjoyed reading your information and seeing how much things have changed since I did the HCG fifteen or so years ago. I looked through your sources kits, and my one question is whether you know of any suppliers who still give the option of Intramuscular needles (yep, the big ones) rather than the SubQ insulin needles? I’ve never done the smaller ones, so I have reservation about doing it with those. I chatted with a rep from Nu Image who said they only do the SubQ. Incidentally, I can tell you with great authority that you can only gorge on peanut butter cookies for a year after doing the HCG diet before you start to gain the weight back… lol. I tested it many years ago and paid the price over time.

    45. Robin, I have tested that peanut butter cookie theory myself, and I believe you! lol
      This seems to be a big month for questions about intramuscular vs. subcutaneous Hcg injections. I have asked every supplier I have ever worked with, but I have also double-checked with countless doctors. The responses always left me completely comfortable with subcutaneous injections when it comes to Hcg. While there are a number of benefits to subq injections, what really proves that this works for me though, that that I can take a pregnancy test a day or two after starting my injections and it will come up BRIGHTLY positive. That in mind, I don’t see a need to go with intramuscular injections for Hcg, personally. If you still prefer to go with intramuscular, you can always pick up those needles from Missouri Medical without an issue. 🙂

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