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Supplements Can Support Exercise while Following the HCG Plan – Part 1

Although exercise is not essential while following the hCG diet, gentle training can offer a number of benefits to boost the effects of following this plan. Firstly, it helps to support the production of lean body mass. While you may not see the number on the scales drop as quickly when your muscle mass is increased, developing muscle helps to tone the body, but is additionally helpful for fat burning. This is because muscle is more metabolically active, so boosts the number of calories you burn. Exercise also helps to create a positive mindset, as even gentle exercise such as walking helps to generate endorphins, which are the body’s feel good hormones; feeling positive you’re more likely to keep on track. Finally, exercise can be used as a distraction technique if you find that you are prone to eating due to boredom. While you might be concerned about exercising when your intake is just 500kcal daily, the supplements advocated during the hCG plan will help to support you during and after exercise.

12-in-1 multi-supplement

This multi-component supplement is rich in a wide range of nutrients beneficial during exercise. The B vitamins are crucial for the release of energy from both carbohydrates and fat helping to enhance your energy levels, but they also play a role in protein synthesis for the creation of new muscle tissue. Magnesium and calcium are both essential for muscle function, while vitamin D helps to enhance muscle strength and performance.

Omega-3 fatty acids

These essential fatty acids, which are usually sourced from oily fish, help to boost the circulation. This is advantageous during exercise, as this ensures that your muscles receive the delivery of oxygen and nutrients that they require for respiration, the process that allows the generation of ATP to power the muscle cells. An efficient circulation is also beneficial for removing the products of metabolism, which if allowed to accumulate in the muscles can contribute to tiredness and require you to stop; this supplement therefore aids muscle performance and delays fatigue. What’s more, omega-3s have a positive impact on inflammation, something that is not only increased by carrying excess body weight, but can occur when injury occurs. During exercise you may not even be aware of it, but small injury and inflammation of the muscle tissue may occur, which can hinder your progress. These essential fatty acids therefore aid muscle healing and further activity to boost the results you see. Finally, omega-3s may also aid muscle gains associated with exercise.


Although l-carnitine may help with a process known as beta-oxidation that aids the use of fatty acids for the release of energy, which is great when looking to burn fat, there is another reason why this essential nutrient is beneficial. L-carnitine has been shown by studies to improve the function of the blood vessels, helping to lower blood pressure, which aids blood flow. In a similar way to enhancing the circulation with omega-3 fatty acids, this provides a better supply of the substrates for respiration and more efficient energy release. There is also evidence though that l-carnitine Thank you so much for all your help Jen. You’ve created an amazingly helpful hcg diet site. Your forums are the best! Phase1 and starting strong!, possibly by acting as an antioxidant to dampen down the effects of free radicals. This allows you to recover more quickly following exercise, reducing the negative effects you associate with participating in it, which might otherwise discourage you from exercising regularly. This is therefore a great supplement to encourage physical activity.

Hcg Diet 169

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