Tips for Your New Year’s Hcg Diet Resolution

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New Years Resolution Hcg Diet Tips

Every year, I read messages from countless people determined to make permanent weight loss their New Year's Resolution. My response usually surprises them, when instead of pushing the strictest Hcg Diet plan and a few useful weight loss products, I genuinely congratulate them for taking such a huge step forward and then offer a few tips to make the process easier.  These tips are also intended to establish the solid foundation necessary for long term weight loss maintenance.  As my New Year's gift to all my beloved readers, here are my best New Year's Hcg Diet tips for a happy and healthy 2017!

My tips for losing weight in the New Year with the Hcg Diet…

  • Make a New Year's Resolution to Make Healthier Choices this year! A New Year's Resolution is great for gaining that much-needed motivation, but I also suggest including the Resolution to Make Healthier Choices.  This is a surprisingly effective mindset shift.  You see, it doesn't require you to suddenly be a different person (a raw vegan that works out 3 times a day and has more supplements in their cupboard than food) but instead, it encourages you to simply make better choices;  for example, you can choose to go for a walk after dinner rather than sitting on the sofa and watching TV.  You can make a commitment to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning to improve your hydration, or add a superfood supplement to your diet (I love Amazing Grass– it's like greens in a glass with so many health benefits including weight loss!)  These are just a few examples of small changes that can reap huge benefits and establish a foundation for longterm health and wellness.
  • Have a plan and prepare.  By far, this is my most effective tactic for losing weight and staying healthy.  The more thorough the plan, the easier the process and the better your results.  Aside from choosing the right Hcg Diet Protocol for your personal needs, you can also decide on an exercise plan (I personally try to do some sort of “movement” every single day, as though it were my part time job.  Having a plan not only establishes your goals to keep you on track, but it can also establish your eating boundaries, encourage you to be more active, and motivate you to WANT to make better choices.   It can also help you to avoid pitfalls, simply by writing out a few “what if” scenarios, beforehand or as they come up.  I highly suggest writing out your plan, and include your specific protocol, approach to exercise, food, and goals.  To prepare, I suggest a kitchen spring cleaning (get rid of all those foods you won't be needing too!) buy new workout clothes, subscribe to or join a yoga studio, pick up a few supplements (I am a huge believer in Bone Broth and found that really helpful while on the Hcg Diet,) make a pact with a new weight loss buddy, and don't forget to buy a journal!

Example “what-if” planning…

What if I attend a late night birthday party?  What will be acceptable to eat?  What if I am offered wine or cocktails?  [My plan:  I will look for the healthiest option and have that first before considering anything else. Nothing else will be on my plate for the first round.  Since it will be late, I will avoid carbs as much as possible.  I will pass on dairy – dairy is not an option. I will have water before anything else to drink.  Should I decide to have a drink, I will only have 1 and will either have one glass of red wine (less calories than white) or a tall vodka and soda (60 calories & low glycemic rate.) I will pass on desserts but if there is a “celebration cake” of sorts that I really want…I will immediately cut it in half before my first bite. Lastly, not only will I NOT kick myself for my choices, but I will be proud of any choice I made that had a positive effect on my health.]

What if the only menu option has 10 grams of sugar? [My plan:  I will call ahead and inquire about menu options. If by chance, the only options are unhealthy options, I will eat beforehand, or make other arrangements with the party/restaurant planner. I will also, always carry healthy snacks in my purse- Bars, nuts, protein powders that I can mix in water on-the-go. Once I am at the event, if I choose, I will have the healthiest item on the menu, but I will cut it in half and only have it after I have had the healthier options in my purse, or after eating something healthy before arriving- I will always have something healthy first.]

Now Back to The List of New Year's Resolution Tips…

  • Track and journal.  My favorite way to plan, is by using a journal of some sort for tracking- I have used FitBooks for years, but I recently picked up this Law of Attraction Planner that I'm using to plan my New Year.  I love both of these and cannot imagine life without them!  You can really use any notebook though, so feel free to pick one up at your local Barnes and Noble.  Research shows that people who keep track of their progress, not only lose MORE weight than those who do not track, but they also keep the weight off.  One research study explained that tracking and journaling led to more careful portion sizes, eating less overall, and increased exercise.  They went on to explain that tracking actually creates a sense of immediate gratification that replaces the immediate gratification previously met through poor eating choices (that donut sure felt good… at the moment :-\)  Most importantly, tracking clarifies your weight loss goals and keeps you on point to achieve them.
  • Take up new hobbies that are good for your mental AND physical health.  Personally, I get a HUGE jump in progress if I sign up for lessons of some sort- especially if it's a boot camp or challenge.  I recently did the Pure Barre Strong Challenge, where you had to attend 20 classes in 30 days.  This kicked my butt!  I dropped a size, improved my posture, and discovered I love playing “ballerina.”  I even found myself floating gracefully throughout my day, and love how it brought out my femininity.  Best of all, I made a lot of new friends- it was great! I have also recently started Navy Seal TRX training at YogaWorks, and I take meditation classes, self development seminars, and healthy cooking classes.  (You can try meet-ups for established groups, or start your own group!)  This year, I am looking at taking skill-building classes as well:  Jewelry making classes to learn patience and for stress reduction, and a yoga instructor course for a full immersion experience in yoga-living.
  • Lastly, make the resolution to love yourself and your body, no matter what.  While following the Hcg Diet, I came to REALLY love my body for the first time in my life.  Surprisingly, this came BEFORE I reached my weight loss goal and it was an incredible achievement- perhaps even better than finally reaching my size 6 weight loss goal.   It came with all the benefits I had expected to experience once I reached my goal… only it came early, and all it took were 2 millimeter mindset shifts that came while exploring classes like S Factor by Sheila Kelly (I participate in the retreats and have the dvd's) and Mama Gena‘s School of Womanly Arts  (events and amazing, life-changing books that I highly recommend!) With a new understanding that curves are beautiful, feminine, and sexy, I am a changed woman.  You can feel this way too, if you start to adore your body and embrace those curves. Right now, I still have a few more sizes to drop before reaching my pre-baby body.  Does that mean I'm hiding in boxy black sweaters and sweatpants?  Nope.  I love wearing stylish fitted outfits that don't hide my figure and I get compliments all the time.  I also used to dread going to the gym or yoga studio, because I felt huge next to the size 2 gymnast girls that look as though they've never had a french fry in their life.  Now… I feel great and have complete confidence when I walk into the room. In fact, I am quick to take a spot in the front, and show these girls how it's done!  I love buying cute workout outfits (anyone checked out Fabletics by Kate Hudson yet? FABULOUS! & their clothes will fit up to a size 20!  Atta girl, Kate!) The bottom line is, you can start feeling the confidence that comes with having a beautiful body, right now, and it's completely within your grasp.

I hope you find these tips to be as helpful as they have been for myself. In the end, my best advice is to love your body, have fun with this experience, and enjoy your journey to good health in 2017!


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