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  1. Kathy L Hiler says:

    Excellent article! I, myself, could have written the section from the person, with food sensitivities, who had to find alternative selections in order to experience program success. I particularly appreciated learning what to do if a steak day is needed, as I am allergic to beef. I hope to learn how to better navigate this program now that I have found your website! Thank you!

    1. I’m so happy to hear this Kathy! I’d love to see updates on your progress as you go through the protocol.

      I’m actually about to launch a new program that compliments the medical weight loss approach, but focuses on adapting to a healthy lifestyle naturally. So even while losing the weight with hCG, semiglutide, etc, you can learn how to avoid gaining the weight back and how to really achieve that vivacious healthy living approach.

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