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  • What is the HCG Diet Plan?

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    What is the Hcg Diet Plan and how does it work to make you lose weight?

    What is the Hcg Diet Plan… It is a whole food cleanse, habit-basher, high protein, high vegetable, healthy carb, hydrating, mindset-shifting, game changer.

    So what is the Hcg Diet Plan? The HCG Diet is a medical weight loss plan that involves using a tiny amount of the hormone Hcg,  (Human chorionic gonadotropin)  along with a carefully planned, very low calorie diet.  The original Hcg Diet protocol outlined a very specific 500 calorie menu, while today’s more modern approaches often include up to 1500 calories. The Hcg can be taken as injections, drops, or tablets.

    The protocol consists of “rounds” where each round includes 4 phases to complete. For those not yet familiar with the Hcg Diet, here is a simple overview of the 4 phases required for a proper round of the Hcg Diet plan…

    The 4 Phases of an Hcg Diet “Round”

    1. Phase 1: “The Loading phase” which involves 2 to 3 days of eating freely, with an understanding that it is acceptable to gain weight during this period.
    2. Phase 2: “The Weight Loss Phase.” This phase involves taking the hCG hormone in a tiny amount, while maintaining a carefully detailed diet.  This phase lasts approximately 3 to 6 weeks.
    3. Phase 3:  “The Stabilization Phase.”  This phase involves discontinuing hCG, and carefully increasing the calorie intake from the previous phase to stabilize recent weight loss.
    4. Phase 4: “The Maintenance Phase.”  Once weight loss has been stabilized, it is time to continue to live your life with a newly adapted approach to healthy living and wellness for long term maintenance.

    What is the HCG Diet Plan, Original Protocol?

    The Original HCG Diet Plan was first published in 1954, by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, a medical doctor out of Rome, Italy.  His manuscript, “Pounds and Inches” was first published in 1954 with several revisions over the years. The original protocol calls for a small dosage of HCG hormone administered through injections, and a rigid 500 calorie food list (VLCD very low calorie diet) with very little room for variety.  Since then however, the original protocol has evolve based on modern research, technology and even the availability of new food and supplement options.

    What is the HCG Diet Plan’s Modern Protocol? This includes the Hcg Diet Plan Seen on Dr. Oz

    You may have seen a new version of the HCG Diet Plan on Dr. Oz, CNN or the Morning Show, etc.,  This approach has evolved to include the 4 basic Hcg Diet Phases mentioned above.

    Phase 1:  Loading Phase:

    The loading phase is quite possibly the most important Phase of the Hcg Diet. It involves freely eating whatever the dieter would like, however certain foods are encouraged over others and ideally, there is weight is gain  during these 2 to 3 days.  Read more about Phase 1: The Loading Phase of the Hcg Diet here.

    Phase 2: Weight Loss Phase:

    Phase 2 of the Hcg Diet is known as the most challenging of the phases, where a carefully planned, low calorie diet is followed. This includes a rigid list of foods that is permitted and many foods that are strictly prohibited.  Depending on the specific Hcg Diet plan, the allotted calorie intake can range from 500 calories to 1500 calories, and lasts 3 to 6 weeks.  Read more about Phase 2: The Weight Loss Phase of the Hcg Diet.

    Phase 3: Stabilization Phase:

    This Phase lasts approximately 3 weeks, and involves carefully introducing additional foods into the diet. The idea behind this phase is to maintain recent weight loss from Phase 2, within 2 pounds.  If the scale increases more than 2 pounds, corrective measures can be taken through diet. This phase of the diet is significantly low carbohydrate with significant vegetables and no sugar. Read more about Phase 3: The Stabilization Phase of the Hcg Diet here.

    Phase 4: Maintenance Phase

    The Maintenance Phase is actually the post-Hcg-diet phase.  This is the beautiful phase where it’s time to move forward with your new life and new body.  This stage requires ongoing healthy living practices through food, eating, and exercise & movement.  Read more about Phase 4: The Maintenance Phase of the Hcg Diet here.


    What are the differences between the Original Hcg Diet Plan and the Modern version?

    There are notable differences between the original version of the Hcg Diet Plan and the modern version. These include: modified menu options, increased calorie allowance. In addition, light exercise is recommended while on the diet.  Supplements are also encouraged and there is now an option for Rx Tablets and Rx Drops in addition to Hcg Injections.

    If you are not yet familiar with the different types of Hcg available, you can read through these here: HCG Diet Plans & Protocols.

    You may also want to contact one of the HCG suppliers on our Buy HCG page, since each offers a slightly different approach to the Hcg Diet with their protocol.

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    What is the Hcg Diet Plan and What are the Long Term Weight Loss from the HCG Diet

    The most appealing factor of the HCG Diet is the long term results millions of people have experienced, but here are a list of the common benefits reported in the Hcg Diet Forums:

    1.  The HCG diet has been noted to break down food addictions.  This refers to unhealthy food cravings, sugar cravings, headaches, etc.
    2. The HCG Diet has been reported to balance hormone cycles.  Increased energy, healthier sleep habits, and more balanced women’s cycles.
    3. The HCG diet has been reported to break bad lifestyle habits.  The urge to eat until stuffed is no longer appealing, thus, a healthy appetite evolves.  No longer feeling the urge to skip a meal, and a more mindful awareness of nutrient intake.
    4. The HCG Diet can help re-establish a healthy relationship with food.  This refers to the relationship with food, exercise and the body itself. (Imagine no longer being afraid of butter!)
    5. The HCG Diet can provide an opportunity to establish a healthy lifestyle for longterm healthy living. This is particularly addressed with portion control.  Also, with higher energy levels which then inspire more activity. Another benefit commonly mentioned is a healthier mindset toward food.


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