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Where, oh where to find Hcg injections with B12 online…

Welcome to “Jen’s List” of recommended sources on how and where to find Hcg and B12 injections online.  For over 10 years, I have continually validated each of these FDA-approved telemedicine companies, to be certain they offer the best quality, prescription Hcg and B12 for your success, and more importantly, for your personal safety.

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On this page, you will find 3 reliable sources to order Hcg and B12 online, and there is no prior prescription required. My sources are legitimate online clinics located in the USA, with prices starting at $40 for Hcg Diet Info readers.

I’ve also included a helpful guide below, covering frequently asked questions about the ordering process, and various topics that may come up through your purchase.

Easily Purchase Prescription Hcg and B12 Online. No Prior Prescription Needed.

What did I buy?  (I get asked this a lot.)

My personal preferences: I bought 2 month supplies (to save money) of Hcg with B12, and lipotropics to burn fat and increase energy. For my 90 pounds weight loss maintenance with sermorelin and continually take B12 and lipotropics as well, based on my workout needs.

Best Sources to Order Hcg and B12

This is my up-to-date list of FDA-approved, telemedicine companies where you can buy Hcg shots and B12 online- 100% legal and safe.

Nu Image Medical
This FDA-approved telemedicine company offers Hcg and B12 injection kits (includes everything needed for mixing and injection.) They are located in Florida, USA and all of their products are made in a licensed compounding pharmacy in Florida under the strictest FDA standards. readers get their B12 free. Price includes doctor consult and prescription, as well as ongoing access to the doctor and coaches.

Nu Image Coupon Code: HDIVIP
for $50 to $150 off and Free B12 ($100 value, which will automatically be shipped with your order.)  Additional 10% off depending on your method of payment.

See Nu Image Pricing

Diet Doc
This FDA-approved telemedicine company offers Hcg and B12 injections as a kit (includes everything you need for mixing and injection.) They are located in San Diego, California. Their products are all made in a licensed compounding pharmacy in the USA under the strictest FDA standards. All orders come with extensive coaching, access to a licensed medical doctor and access to a nutritionist for 1 year from purchase. readers receive free B12 with their Hcg purchase.  If they buy 2 months of Hcg, they receive free B12, AND free lipotropic injections.

Diet Doc coupon code: HDIHCG

See Diet Doc Pricing

Riverfront MD
This FDA-approved telemedicine company offers Hcg and B12 injections a la carte.  They are located in Florida, USA and their Hcg and B12 is made in Florida as well. Rock bottom pricing for veterans that don’t need hand-holding or support, but just want to save money.  They also offer an array of excellent weight loss add-ons including B12, Lipotropics and Sermorlin.

Limited time, Exclusive offer:  $20 B12 Injections. Additional offer:  Riverfront MD Coupon code hdi50 for $40 off when you purchase hcg kits for 2 months.

See Riverfront Pricing

FAQ About Purchasing Prescription Hcg and B12 Online

Purchase Hcg Injections with B12 in Them Here

How can I order Genuine Hcg and B12 shots online without a prescription?

FDA approved telemedicine companies operate the same as a doctor’s office or medical clinic.  Simply choose the company you want to purchase from, then choose the products you would like (such as the Hcg and B12 injections) and complete a brief medical form online.  Once complete, the doctor will contact you via phone or video chat (your preference) and go over everything- the same as they would in a physical doctor’s office and complete your prescription.  The prescription is then completed within the telemedicine company

Is it legal to purchase Rx Hcg and B12 online without a prior prescription?

Yes. With the growing costs of healthcare, telemedicine and teleheath are quickly becoming the future of medicine and 100% legitimate. The companies I recommend on this page, are 100% legitimate sources to order Hcg and B12 injections online- they are FDA approved and all of their products are made in the USA, working WITH the FDA for quality and safety.

Prescription Grade Hcg and B12 Made in the USA and High Potency

I regularly request the 3rd party analysis certificates from my sources listed above. You can see the Diet Doc Hcg certificate below, which are required by law, to be performed by a third party (  This shows the Hcg and B12, as well as their other prescription products are made in the USA under the strict guidelines and standards of the FDA.

In addition, this also shows the proof of potency and quality.  Hcg, for example, each vial is required to register at least a 92% potency level, or the entire batch is destroyed.  As you can see in the certificate for Diet Doc below, they exceed the legal requirement and average a 109% potency.  Each of the companies I recommend, average 102% to 110% potency in these tests.

Is it safe to mix Hcg hormone injections with B12? Will it effect potency?

Yes, I have cleared this with multiple doctors, pharmacists and even biomedicine chemist. It is 100% safe to mix Hcg injections with B12 and will not degrade the Hcg or B12 in any way.

Should I store my Hcg and B12 in the refrigerator?

In the powder form they will arrive in, Hcg and B12 can remain unrefrigerated at room temperature.  Once mixed in liquid form, they should be refrigerated to maintain potency.  It is however, safe to leave them for a short time prior to injecting; this will reduce the discomfort of injection a cold liquid into the body.

How much should I order?

Each of these telemedicine companies sells their Hcg and B12 injections based on an approximate 1 month supplies, or 2 month supply.  If using Hcg and B12 for the Hcg Diet Plan for example, you would purchase the approximate 1 month, per round. B12 injections can be purchased separately to meet the dosage of B12 you will be taking. Each company can help you decide what that dosage will be, and the amount of Hcg and B12 injections to buy online.

Why is it necessary to get Hcg in unmixed powder form?  Can I have it mixed for me?

To preserve potency, each of the sources listed on this page agree, that Hcg and B12 injections should not be mixed until the patient is ready to start using them. Specifically in shipping, where there is no control over temperatures and handling, which can effect potency and shelf life.  If you are concerned with mixing and preparation, each company offers extensive support in this arena and includes highly detailed instructions with your B12 and Hcg order.  In addition, each company offers access to a medical doctor and expert coaches for assistance, as well as instructional videos.  (On a personal note… if you can mix a cocktail in your own kitchen, you can easily mix your Hcg and B12 injections- it’s surprisingly simple!)

A very warm THANK YOU for all of those who order through through HCG Diet info…

I would like to express my gratitude for your support in using our links to buy your supplies and Hcg. For nearly a decade, my list did not contain a single affiliate link;  these were only added when the expense and time of running this site and forums became increasingly expensive (Hey, 100 million people and 2 million pages will do that!) While I ONLY recommend companies I personally believe in, we do receive a small commission for each sale and this helps us continue to be the #1 resource for Hcg Diet information and support.

Why only use Hcg and B12 that are made in the  U.S.A.? (vs. India, Overseas)

It was a sad day when I realized we had individuals in the Hcg Diet Forums that were falsely promoting overseas pharmacies to buy Hcg and more.  One of the pharmacies in question, had called to make yet another offer for me to promote them and said, “we are willing to give you more than we have been paying the others because you own the site.”  Heartbreak.  Anyway… the reason I do not recommend, nor accept money to promote, overseas pharmacies that sell Hcg and B12 online from India and overseas in general… is simply because it is far too risky.  The FDA now estimates that 30-50% of pharmaceuticals made overseas are counterfeit, and I have in fact seen numerous accounts where the fake Hcg was purchased from overseas. This is unfortunate, but the real risk is in the process and ingredients used to make their versions of American Hcg and B12 brands.  Simply put… they use cheaper ingredients (drywall material, eggshells and often the same toxic chemicals used in rat poison) and have no regulations for processing like we have required by the FDA in the United States.  Please do not order Hcg and B12 from overseas. For more information on this, please read “Before you buy Hcg overseas…”

Why does quality and potency matter when using HCG and B12 Injections:

When you use HCG and B12, you want to have the highest quality injectables, for several reasons:  1. Your health and personal safety. The risks that come with buying cheap, inexpensive pharmaceuticals is simply not worth putting yourself in danger (and yes, I have seen side effects from cheap Hcg bought overseas: hair loss, cramps, cysts, and near fatal illness.) This is a prescription medication that is put into your body- quality counts here.  2.  Quality = better results. Real Hcg works. Real B12 works. The fake stuff doesn’t work and doesn’t produce the same results. It’s that simple.  3.  Low quality = serious challenges and potentially, no results. Low quality Hcg and B12, can result in slow losses, stalls, plateaus, experiencing hunger, low energy and fatigue. 4. Wasting your time and money. If the products you bought turn out to be fake, or so low potency they require you to buy another round early, you have just spent twice as much as necessary.

High potency, high quality Hcg and B12:

  • Consistent weight loss
  • Faster weight loss rate
  • No hunger
  • High energy levels
  • No need to remix or reorder before your round is up

In a nutshell, high potency, high quality Hcg and B12 injections are avoid slow losses and stalls, hunger, and to protect your personal safety.  It also saves you money in the long run, since there won’t be a need to replenish your injections before the first vial is finished.

What is Included?

Each telemedicine company will be slightly different with some things (like, one may not include alcohol swabs, or may not include B12 as a freebie for HCG Diet Info readers.  ALL sources do include:  Your doctor consult and prescription, Hcg hormone in a rubber topped vial of 5000 iu per month ordered,  bacteriostatic water, syringes, sterile vials, and the appropriate needles for injection.  Some include:  Hcg with B12, a guidebook and Hcg diet help and coaching support, and free lipotropics. See each company referenced for specifics.

Why do different Hcg companies allow you to buy Hcg kits with different “round” lengths?

This is a wonder to me too, but in the end, they are the same.  There are countless protocols on the market now, since the original HCG Diet (Dr. Simeons) has evolved over the decades.  This is good and bad:  the good side is, you can choose the protocol that fits you personally.  The bad side is… it makes it all a bit more confusing.

They each sell 1 5000iu vial of Hcg, which is typical for 1 month/1 round of Hcg injections. The B12 is also sold in the same amounts and if added to the Hcg when mixing, it is designed to last for the entire month.  If taken separately, the doctor you consult with, can give you a specific B12 dosage for your particular health profile.

How do I mix the Hcg and B12 injections?

Each telemedicine company mentioned above, ships their Hcg and B12 injections with complete, detailed instructions.  With Nu Image and Diet Doc, you also have access to a medical doctor and staff for assistance, and they offer video instruction as well.  It is really a simple process, so there is no need to worry.

How long do HCG and B12 injections remain potent (shelf life)?

According to pharmacists, once HCG and B12 have been mixed for injections, the potency will remain for at least 3 to 4 weeks as long as it has been kept refrigerated.

About Hcg and B12 Injections Dosage

The doctor will address your dosage during your consult.  It is important to know that there is no exact “right dosage” for every person. Some individuals find they do best with a high dosage (Nu Image Medical) and others find they want a custom dosage that is based on their BMI and medical profile (Diet Doc.)  If you suspect your dosage may need adjusting, each of these companies can assist you with this, via phone, chat or video conference. As a reference, you can also read how our expert Hcg Diet forums moderator, Grammy, adjusts her HCG dosage here. Start with high quality, potent HCG at the recommend dosage and adjust your dosage accordingly from there.

Lizzy’s Experience ordering Hcg and B12 Injections online with Nu Image Medical – from the Hcg Diet Info Forums

Hi BuhBub,
I went with Nu Image Medical. It was the third place recommended on this website [Hcg Diet Info]. for people who are new to injections and aren’t comfortable ordering mixing supplies, syringes, etc. (the other 2 companies were Diet Doc and Riverfront MD). I got the 26-day kit for $262. The price on the website for first-time customers is $297, less a $50 discount from Hcg Diet Info plus Fed-Ex ground for $15. Total w/discount and shipping is $262. Much pricier than ordering from overseas, but almost half the cost of a local clinic run by an HCG doctor, and much safer. Plus, I feel confident the HCG is higher quality after my research.

I paid extra for A.) the peace of mind, B.) to be able to speak to a doctor, C.) knowing it was real prescription RX hcg, D.) is made in the USA, and E.) I would have it in 2 days.

My order came with:

HCG – 1 vial powdered HCG 5000IU
B12 – 1 vial of b12 to mix the hcg (cyanocobalamin 1000 mcg/ml 10 ML (I’m reading now that B12 isn’t necessary but good for extra energy. Next time I will try buying some bacteriostati water to mix instead next time, from a local compounding pharmacy.) UPDATE: You can ask Nu Image to just send you bacteriostatic water to mix and they will. You will still get the B12 to inject separately if you choose.
1 5ml mixing syringe 20 gauge 1 1/2″ long
1 package of 31-gauge 1/2 cc (.5m) U-100 insulin syringes 5/16″ for daily subQ injections
2 alcohol swabs to wipe the vial caps
Full phone support for the first week, for mixing questions, etc
A detailed HCG diet manual with tons of recipes for each ‘phase’ (downloadable PDF document).
I ordered it on a Friday late afternoon, by filling out an online medical questionnaire. A doctor called me within an hour,
to verify I was the patient and to ask a question about one of my medications. The prescription was filled on Monday, I got an email with an invoice, (see below) and tracking number. I had my order Tuesday morning, delivered by Fed Ex ground (I’m in Florida, and so is the Pharmacy). Someone must sign for the package. I received the vials in prescription bottles with my name and address on it, and the prescribing doctors name. All very up-and-up.

If you went with Diet Doc hcg, I’m curious if you were happy with the experience. I would personally recommend Nu Image Medical if you have not decided yet. My husband and I have been on the protocol since April 29th, he’s down 19 pounds, I’ve lost 14lbs, after 13 days of the 500-calorie diet. After adjusting the dose up and down with some minor hunger issues, we are both feeling great, no desire to eat. We’re ordering more so we can do a long round (40 days). Nu Image sells a 46-day program (two 5000iu vials plus double the supplies for 2 rounds) for $397. They have a link for refills, no doctor call or forms to fill out, except your credit card info (they don’t store it). No, I’m not getting any referral bonus.

That’s my 2 cents, hope it helps. Good luck!

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