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  • Where to Buy HCG Online – Injections and Drops

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    Jen's Hcg Buying Guide

    Welcome to Jen’s Hcg Buying Guide!

    Since losing nearly 90 lbs with REAL Hcg, I have come to recognize the importance of using good quality, high potency, REAL prescription hCG.  Knowing this can be a challenge for anyone on the diet, I’ve put together this Hcg Buying Guide, including the legitimate Hcg sources I recommend for buying REAL prescription Hcg Injections, Drops and Pellets.

    First, I’m Going to Answer a few questions I Wondered About When I Started The Hcg Diet….

    1. Where can I buy REAL hCG injections & drops online?
    2. How do I know it’s REAL prescription hCG?
    3. Why buy from US hCG companies?
    4. Does using real hCG even matter?

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    How can you be sure you are buying REAL hCG? (If you aren’t asking this question… YOU SHOULD BE!)

    I ONLY recommend hCG I KNOW to be100% real, prescription hCG.  For more than 10 years, I have come to know every hCG source in the industry, and I can tell you, not all are legitimate.  I have proudly recommended my sources  to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Hcg Dieters and athletes, and know them to be 100% ethical.

    Don’t just take my word for it- Here are more reasons these sources are legit…

    • All Hcg sources listed here include hCG made in the U.S.A. at FDA approved compounding pharmacies, just like any weight loss clinic or your local doctor uses.
    • The hCG vials have the specific name, address and phone number of the actual U.S.A. compounding pharmacy it was produced in. (photos below.)
    • I have been in direct contact with each company listed here for years. I would not recommend any Hcg company that I have not  spoken with & maintain regular communication with.

    After Hcg Diet - Success Story

    I love this pic- It’s just a goofy pic of me getting a little sunscreen, but it’s years after I did the Hcg Diet, and I’m a comfortable size 6!

    A few words about pricing, when you buy Hcg online…

    I regularly call up weight loss clinics offering the Hcg diet program in different states.  The average pricing is astonishing to say the least, but maybe this is because I know there are outstanding Hcg companies online that offer the exact same hand-holding service…  Anyway, the expense averaged between $500 and $2000+ (gotta love LA)  for an 8 week program with meal plans. These did not include countless “add ons” such as Lipo shots and Vitamin B. The worst part? They didn’t offer the actual Hcg program; these were “stop in for your hCG shots a twice a week and eat this weight watchers meal plan.”  It pains me, seriously.  Anyway… back to the point… you will notice that the prices of the Hcg companies I recommend are FAR FAR FAR less expensive, even before my discounts.

    More importantly… what price would you put on a future with a new, fit body… and what price would you put on your health and the lifestyle you deserve to have?

    My Recommended Options for Buying Hcg…


    Option #1  NU IMAGE MEDICAL

    Where to Buy Hcg Online - Nu Image Medical

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    • Made in the U.S.A. at a licensed compounding pharmacy. (Located in Florida)
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    • A Complete Kit: hCG and all mixing/dosing supplies
    • Prescription is included (no extra prescription or doctor fee)
    • Choice of Injections, Drops, or Pellets (all 100% Rx pharmaceutical hCG grade)
    • FREE energizing B12 shots included for HDI readers! (no extra shots needed- it comes mixed with the hCG)
    • Option to add Lipo / MIC Shots for increased metabolism
    • Fast order processing, fast shipping. With Nu Image, you are going through a premium, 1st class pharmacy.
    •  Read Jen’s Nu Image Review

    What I respect about Nu Image Medical and why I recommend them for buying Hcg:

    • This is a Real Prescription – hCG vials have your name and the name of the prescribing Doctor on the label.
    • They have eagerly offered proof of 3rd party hCG purity testing (which exceeds regulation!)
    • They are 100% transparent: the photos of their medical staff on their site are actually who you speak with.
    • They are 100% legitimate with an excellent reputation.

    How Much Hcg to Buy from Nu Image?

    For women, with 10+ lbs to lose, I suggest the 46 day program, with less than 10 lbs to lose, the 23 day program. People lose at different rates depending how much weight there is to be lost, and the state of your hormones (ie thyroid) so this is a good rule of thumb to make sure you have enough for what you want to accomplish. For men, 20+ lbs to lose, purchase the 46 day program, and with less than 20 lbs to lose, purchase the 23 day program.

    Option #2 DIET DOC

    My Hcg order from Diet DocHDI Exclusive $50 Off. Use  Diet Doc Promo Code: HDIVIPBuy Hcg - Check Pricing


    • Absolute fastest shipping. Overnight shipping available. Ideal if you are in a pinch and need your Hcg NOW (For example, if you are mid-round and need an hCG replacement stat… these guys have your back!)
    • Ideal for those who want a lot of hand-holding and support from Hcg Diet experts & licensed nutritionists
    • REAL Prescriptions from USA & FDA accredited pharmacy (Located in San Diego)
    • Personalized hCG dosing for each person
    • Health Insurance Reimbursement! +Flex savings account & health savings accounts!
    • A Complete Kit: hCG & all mixing/dosing supplies.
    • Nutritionist certified in hCG Diet available at no additional cost
    • Mailed 3-day FedEx, no signature required. Overnight mail available.
    • Options to purchase B12 Shots and/or Lipo MIC Shots
    • My FULL review on Diet Doc HCG

    What I respect about Diet Doc as an Hcg Company…

    • It’s a Real Prescription – hCG vials have your name and the name of the prescribing Doctor on them.
    • Readily offer proof of 3rd party hCG purity testing.
    • They offer a huge team of Hcg Diet certified experts, including licensed nutritionists 7 days/week, expanded hours
    • They will help clients have their health insurance reimburse expenses!
    • They offer LIVE CHAT support on HDI- feel free to ask them a question anytime!

    How much Hcg to buy from Diet Doc?

    For women, with 10+ lbs to lose, I suggest the 50 day kit, with less than 10 to lose the 25 day kit. Weigh loss pace does vary- this is just a guidelines that should ensure you have enough for your goals. For men, with 20+ lbs to lose, the 50 day program, and if you less than 20 lbs to lose, I suggest the 25 day program.

     Option #3  REJUVI MEDICAL (NEW EDGE HEALTH)Rejuvi Medical - My Hcg OrderExclusive $50 Discount automatically applied through link:Buy Hcg - Check Pricing


    • Recently merged with New Edge Health – excellent reputation
    • Rock bottom pricing for excellent quality Hcg
    • Made in the U.S. at a licensed compounding pharmacy.
    • Offers Injections and pellets.
    • EXCLUSIVE $50 discount for Hcg Diet Info readers.
    • Kit contains all mixing supplies- buy nothing else to start the diet.
    • Options to purchase B12 Shots and/or Lipo MIC Shots

    What I respect about Rejuvi Medical….

    • Gave proof of hCG purity testing
    • 100% transparent:  who you see in photos of their great staff are who you speak to.
    • Understands how this protocol works their workbook materials are actually helpful.
    • My FULL review on Rejuvi Medical

    How much Hcg to buy from Rejuvi Medical?

    For women, with 10+ lbs to lose, I suggest the 50 day kit, with less than 10 to lose the 25 day kit. Weigh loss pace does vary- this is just a guidelines that should ensure you have enough for your goals. For men, with 20+ lbs to lose, the 50 day program, and if you less than 20 lbs to lose, I suggest the 25 day program.

    Still have questions?  I’ve got you!  Here we go with the FAQ on “Buying Hcg Online!”
    • #1 I am worried about the hCG being real or of good quality. (especially with overseas pharmacies)

    This is completely understandable when buying hCG online.  Over the years, I have seen countless cases of fake hCG and even poorly made hCG (this is why you will never see me recommend overseas pharmacies.)  The companies I recommend are each located in the USA; 2 are located in Florida, and 1 is located in San Diego.  I have known those in charge of each company for a number of years and I am in regular contact with them, to learn of even the smallest of changes.  One thing I have learned and you should be aware of this as well… Every batch of hCG that is made at these pharmacies, has to be tested for potency by a 3rd party.  This is the law here in the US.  If the potency is less than 90%, the entire batch must be destroyed by law.  So, with this in mind, it is safe to say that any hCG coming from a US based compounding pharmacy is guaranteed to be a good quality product.  To go further into detail (and hopefully you find this as fascinating as I do!) each pharmacy will produce about 1000 vials at a time, with 10% of those vials being tested and tossed for that particular batch.  The pharmacists creating the hCG are very careful to not only surpass the 90% requirement, but to exceed 95%, and generally maintain a 100%+ potency rating.  (See the above photos.)  It doesn’t go without saying, that having to throw away a batch of hCG of 1000 vials would be extremely costly, so they take great care in maintaining as high of a potency rating as possible.  IF the pharmacy cannot maintain the FDA’s required potency ratings, they would be shut down.  I hope this offers a little understanding and a lot of reassurance when it comes to knowing what you are buying.  An added note on buying hCG from overseas:  Companies like Escrow Refills and Reliable Pharmacy, have no such guarantees, and they certainly do not have the strict regulations of the FDA. While some of these overseas pharmacies may very well be selling real hCG, there is nothing regulating the potency nor the quality compared to what you are buying from a US pharmacy.  This is one reason we have seen serious health issues arise from overseas pharmacy, as well as hunger challenges, etc that arise while using their hCG on the diet. This is also the reason that I cannot and will not ever recommend an overseas pharmacy on this site.

    • #2 How long does shipping take when buying hCG online?

    While we are all used to Amazon Prime now, the world of buying prescription hCG does have a little more involved.  I have done my best to include the average shipping for each company I recommend for buying hCG, but there are always variables.  My best advice is to keep this in mind and be patient.  In my experience (and I order from each company several times a year anonymously) most take from 3 days to 7 days, unless I opted for overnight shipping.  This still required a solid business day for processing and a phone consultation.

    • #3  Where can I get help with the Hcg Diet?

    You’re in luck! The HDI Forums are full of experienced and helpful moderators as well as thousands of members waiting to greet and support you.  If you have a simple question that you just want a quick answer to,… no problem!  See that little live-chat window at the bottom right of the site?  Hcg Diet expert nutritionists and wellness coaches are at your fingertips!

    • #4 Are the injections painful?

    I think you will be surprised at how many Hcg Dieters thought the injections would be painful but found them to be pretty effortless.  Here are a few tips from moi….  First, choose a fatty pad on your upper hip or buttock.  The more fat, the less nerves.  Let someone else give the shot so the hand is steady and at a direct angle.   Also (important!) let the alcohol dry, naturally.  Most of the time, when an injection stings, it’s because the alcohol wasn’t dry! Just remember not to blow on it, as this defeats the purpose of the alcohol in the first place.  Lastly, if you find yourself really sensitive, feel free to ice the spot for a bit beforehand.  Read more hCG injection tips here.

    • #5 Should I try the Lipo and B12 shots from these companies too?

    I am personally a huge fan of these and have used them consistently during and after hCG Diet rounds.  I can tell you that I see a difference when I am using them, and have heard the same from countless other Hcg Dieters.  That said, I also realize this is an additional expense, and it may just not be for everyone.  I can say that there is a huge amount of research showing the benefits of the amino acids in them, and how they help your body break down and metabolize fats in the body.  This aside, I just like how I feel when I am taking them- I always welcome the added energy and overall uplifting feel.  You can read more about what Lipotropics are here.

    • #6 How long do I take the hCG injections for?  How long is a “round” ?

    Typically the Hcg Diet consists of a protocol that is done in 3-6 week “rounds.” A break is taken between rounds to allow your body to rest and stabilize with the new weight loss.

    • #7 Why do each of the Hcg companies offer different length programs from each other?

    Honestly, I have no idea. Luckily, it is not important.  All you need to know is that between the different companies, the “28 day kit”, the “25 day kit” and the “26 day kit” all send the SAME amount of hCG to you.  There is no need for this to influence your decision.  Basically, the time will depend on the dosage of hCG you end up taking.  This amount is predetermined by your company, but they will adjust it since it is REALLY important in managing how you feel, sleep, and lose, on the Hcg Diet.  Just as an example:  1 vial of 5000iu hCG (the shorter duration option) will last you 3 to 4 weeks on the hCG diet depending on your dosage.  The longer duration options (50 day kit, 56 day program, etc) will include TWO vials of 5000iu of hCG, which will last you up to 8 weeks on the Hcg Diet.

    • How do I mix the powder form hCG after I buy it?

    Luckily, each company will offer thorough instructions and even videos on how to mix the hCG you have bought from them.  It is important to follow their instructions based on the dosage you will personally be using.  Don’t worry, it is surprisingly simple, and they send you everything you need!  I remember the 1st time I mixed my hCG… I was surprised at how simple it was.  By my 3rd round, I could have mixed it blindfolded!  Ok not really, but I didn’t need anyone’s instructions and it was like I had been mixing these things for decades.

    • How do I store the hCG after I buy it?

    Before you have mixed your hCG, it can be left out in room temperature.  As soon as it has been mixed, your vial needs to be stored in the fridge at al times.  Hcg that has been left out of the fridge for as little as 6 hours, can lose its potency and need to be replaced.  Refrigeration is very important!

    • How long will my hCG remain potent and how long can I use it for?

    As a general rule of thumb, mixed hCG will maintain its potency for 3 to 4 weeks.  The most obviously way to note a decrease in potency, is experiencing an unexplained and unexpected rise in hunger.  If you have lost a significant amount of weight by the time this occurs however, it could be that your new weight might require a different dosage in general.  Before replacing your hCG, check your dosage.  If you are doing what is called a “long round” you would want to use your first vial of hCG for about  3 weeks and then mix a 2nd vial of hCG for the remaining weeks.

    • Can I preload my hCG needles for all my injections?

    You can but it is not recommended.  Largely because dosage can be a sensitive variable for even the most experienced Hcg Dieter.  With that said, at any given point, you may need to adjust your dosage to address hunger issues, lower loss rates, etc. This can be particularly true as you lose weight which changes the needs of your body to continue with effective weight loss rates.

    • Where do I inject the hCG?

    You want to choose a location that has a good amount of fat. While some people opt to go with intramuscular injections, that is ok too. You will just need longer needles than what comes with your kit.  I personally do well with the tiny needle in the upper rear end.  I rarely feel the needle, and it is pretty effortless overall.  Many prefer to use the belly area (I no longer have a lot of fat on my belly so I avoid this – I know, I know, that’s a quality problem 😉 So… recap-  using the small, short needles that come with the hCG kits you buy here: belly on either side of the belly button, but at least an inch away.  The inner or outer thighs or buttocks as well as the upper tricep area are common as well.

    • Won’t I lose weight just following the 500 calorie diet? Why do I need to take the hCG at all?

    I hear this question often and after much research, I have learned some interesting things about hCG and its effects on the body.  My understanding, (thank you Doctor Oz, Doctor Emma as well as the countless athletes, physicians and pharmacists I have overloaded with questions in the last 10 years) is that hCG does not make you lose weight.  It changes HOW you lose weight.  I’ve learned that hCG is not just a hormone but an important “pre hormone” that influences the very chemistry of our body and essentially stimulates your muscle follicles to maintain and stimulate muscle mass.  The 500 calorie diet alone, as with any low calorie diet, would send the body into starvation mode, immediately breaking down muscle tissue to feed the body.  Well, any Hcg Dieter or professional athlete with a body mass scale can tell you the muscle mass numbers don’t go down when you are taking hCG and following the protocol correctly.  While the FDA is only recently catching up with the benefits of hCG for weight loss, I can only offer this bit of information from my own personal research.

    A note from me to you…

    Regardless of where you decide to buy your hCG, this site is here to support you.  Over the last 10+ years, I have offered thousands of free articles and resources including the well-known Hcg Diet Forums.  They are all here, at your fingertips and offer everything you need to get inspired, stay motivated, and ultimately achieve your weight loss goals.

    How do I cover the expenses of this site and the forums?  I get a small commission when you purchase hCG using my links, at no extra cost to you (you actually get a discount you can’t get elsewhere else.)  We may also place the occasional advertisement in the forums, or on the site.  I try to keep these as minimal as possible.  What else?  That’s it!

    I truly hope you feel the years of love and effort that have gone into creating this website.  HDI has long been “my baby” and the fact that we have now had over 100 million visits… well, I can only say that I feel humbled and honored every time I see the words “thank you” in my email box.  🙂

    Hcg Diet Info Founder - Jen


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