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  • Where to Buy HCG Online for the HCG Diet

    Where to Buy HCG Online for the HCG Diet:  Injections, Drops & Pellets – Rx Grade and Homeopathic

    Wondering where to buy hcg online? Jen’s list of Recommended HCG Suppliers is a highly regarded resource for purchasing legitimate HCG online. I have personally validated each company I recommend, to be certain they offer the best quality hcg for your weight loss success, and more importantly, for your personal safety.

    What and Where to Buy HCG Online for the HCG Diet. All your questions answered on this page…

    My “buy hcg online” philosophy: Only buy QUALITY HCG and supplies from reputable sources in the US. I have found the quality of HCG to influence the results that the HCG Diet and I don’t believe in taking risks when it comes to purchasing HCG. With this in mind, myself and the HDI team have created this helpful guide on where to buy hcg online as well as how and what to buy.  ~Jen, HDI Founder

    Why Buy HCG Online from U.S. Suppliers?

    The HCG suppliers recommended here, are all FDA regulated, compounding pharmacies located in the USA.  Out of thousands of companies that request to be added to this list, I have personally select ONLY the few companies that maintain extremely high standards for quality and safety. In the last few years, a number of companies were found to be producing weak-potency, generic and even fake hcg. Unfortunately, some overseas pharmacies have been found to make unsafe hcg. The FDA passed a law requiring all HCG in the U.S. be at least 90% potency or the entire batch must be destroyed.  Overseas pharmacies do not have this regulation.  Our recommended hcg suppliers EXCEED this requirement and ensure their hcg is at least 95% potency. The following hcg sources also work with the FDA to ensure the highest quality procedures are used for safety in addition to overall quality.  

    **Where to Buy HCG Online from U.S. Suppliers: Jen’s Recommended Sources**

    Reach your goal faster and with less challenges! Buy only top quality, high potency HCG from these U.S. suppliers. HDI Members also receive exclusive promos and discount offers to safely Buy HCG online – applied automatically when you use the links below or reference HCG Diet Info when calling. Have questions before you buy your hcg? Scroll down for tips or email Jen, herself, at [email protected]  Note for HDI Forum members, you can buy HCG from any of these suppliers and follow Grammy’s Protocol for mixing and dosage. 

    Where To Buy HCG Online: Highest Quality, RX Grade HCG Kits (All supplies included)

    • Nu Image Medical HCG Kit $50 Off + Free B12 for HDI Readers: Highest Potency on the Market. (Jen’s Choice!) (FASTEST Order Processing!) Rx Injections, Drops, Pellets.  Fast loss rates according to the HDI Loss Rate Poll of 7,000 hcg dieters. Includes mixing supplies, guidebook, plus medical doctor, expert coaching and support 7 days a week. Same day processing, fast shipping.  COUPON CODE:  HDIVIP Nu Image Medical:  Jen’s Nu Image Review
    • Rejuvi Medical (merged with, New Edge Health)HCG Kit $50 Off for HDI Readers: Lowest price on the Market. Very potent Rx Injections, or Rx Tablets. Fastest loss rates! HDI Readers get $51 off, and additional discount for subscribing to their newsletter. Includes ALL ACCURATE SUPPLIES including mixing supplies, bacteriostatic water, and syringes, plus access to hcg diet coaching. Same day processing. New Edge Health Reviews: Jen’s New Edge Health Review & Grammy’s New Edge Experience

    Where to Buy HCG Online: Online US Pharmacy, B-12, and Lipotropics

    • US HCG Shots 10% Off Promo Code “HCGDIETINFO”  A favorite for buying U.S. made B12 and Lipotropics. FAST SHIPPING!  Great deals on LIPO & B12!

    Where To Buy HCG Online: Legitimate Homeopathic HCG

    • HCG Triumph Legitimate Homeopathic HCG Drops (“New Blue 26” and “Triumph 40” are HHCG)  Patented blend. Made in U.S. Excellent coaching and support. FAST SHIPPING!

    Tip: Buy multiple rounds and save on cost and shipping.

    Questions? Read the FAQ below or… email Jen! hdihealth (@) gmail.com

    Tips to Help You Buy HCG Online from These Suppliers

    ***New Edge, Nu Image and Triumph will work with you to tailor your protocol.  They will help you adjust your dosage, foods, etc and identify causes of hunger or other challenges if you have any. You have complete support as you go through the diet with them. 

    ***New Edge and Nu Image include EVERYTHING you need for mixing and injection. This includes bacteriostatic water, syringes, sterile vials, the appropriate needles for injection, and even alcohol swabs.  There is no need to search around and find all the necessary supplies, and no need to worry about whether or not you have the right needles, mixing solution, etc.

    ***Nu Image vs. Overseas Pharmacy:  Not all hcg is the same; it varies from pharmacy to pharmacy and from brand to brand. We believe you get what you pay for, and because this is a prescription hormone you will be putting into your body, we recommend using U.S. based suppliers that make their own products under the FDA’s strict regulations here in the USA. Overseas pharmacies have no regulations and you have no way of knowing what you are truly getting; this includes quality and potency. 


    Frequently asked questions answered on this page:

    • Which form of HCG is Best?
    • How Much HCG to Buy
    • How long is a “round” ?
    • Why does potency matter?
    • Why does dosage matter?
    • and more….

    “Your body is a direct reflection of what you put into it. Always choose quality over cheap and you will wear that bikini before you know it.” -Jillian Michaels



    Why HCG Potency Matters When Buying HCG Online:

    When you buy HCG online, keep in mind that cheap, generic and low potency HCG is ineffective on the HCG Diet. It results in extreme challenges and can be the ultimate sabotage in spite of all your effort.  

    Low potency hcg results in:

    • No weight loss
    • Slow weight loss
    • Weight loss stalls and plateaus
    • Experiencing hunger
    • Low energy and fatique
    • Severe Health Risks
    • High risk of needing to order a new bottle of HCG before your round is up. 

    High potency hcg results in:

    • Consistent weight loss
    • Faster weight loss rate
    • No hunger
    • High energy levels
    • No need to remix or reorder before your round is up

    High potency HCG is important to avoid slow losses, weight loss stalls, plateaus, feelings of hunger, and even for safety reasons. You can also avoid having to order multiple supplies of hcg because the potency dropped too fast to be effective. The solution? Order top quality, potent HCG from the start, and listen to your body while you are on the HCG Diet Protocol.  If you feel hungry, work with your coach to adjust your dosage, or replace your vial (your vial may have lost its potency.)

    A note about buying low potency HCG from overseas:

    While companies like escrow refills, reliable rx, and safemed sell generic forms of HCG, there is no guarantee, and nor regulatory entity ensuring any level of potency or quality.  They are also not regulated by the FDA for safety and quality control.  Please keep this in mind when selecting an HCG supplier.


    Deciding which form of HCG to buy online is based on personal preference. Forms of HCG for the HCG Diet are available in the following options:

    • Rx HCG comes in the following forms: Injections, Drops, Pellets (Troches), and Tablets. Very few companies sell REAL Rx grade HCG online. For quality and safety, it is recommend that you only buy from reputable sources in the USA. 
    • Homeopathic HCG (hhcg) comes in the following forms: Drops, Pellets (Troches) and Patch. Real homeopathic hcg can be recognized in two ways: 1. “HCG” will be listed in the ingredients. 2. Numbers should be listed such as: “3x, 6x, 12x, 20x, 30x.”
    • Hormone Free (Typically drops or pellet forms marked “hormone free,” “alternative” or “activator“) contains NO HCG. These are typically only water and amino acids. They will not produce the results the hcg diet is famous for. It can also be dangerous if used in combination with the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet.) Please do not purchase hormone free hcg. 

    Which form of HCG is best to buy online?

    Both Rx HCG and Homeopathic HCG will work for the HCG Diet Protocol. Rx injections are the traditional approach and continue to be the most popular with millions of jaw-dropping success stories. Real HCG Drops (Rx HCG and Real Homeopathic HCG) result in similar success rates and are a great option for those who are leery of needles.  Tablets are another option and are said to have a more HCG-friendly creation process and optimal absorption compared to other oral HCG delivery methods. Pellets (troches) are another great option, however if you need to adjust your dosage, you should know you will not be able to “cut” these, as they simply dissolve. Similar to HCG Pellets, many find the HCG patch to be convenient, however, they can also be challenging to adjust dosage. You can read more about these here: Which HCG form is best for me?

    How Much HCG To Buy?

    The safe assumption is a weight loss of 15 to 20 lbs per “round” of HCG.  A “round” is typically 3-6 weeks, depending on the protocol you are following.  A break is taken between rounds to allow your body to stabilize before beginning another round if further weight is needed to be lost.

    Why do different companies offer different “round” lengths?

    There are countless protocols on the market now, since the original HCG Diet (Dr. Simeons) has evolved over the decades.  This is good and bad:  the good side is, you can choose the protocol that fits you personally.  The bad side is… it makes it all a bit more confusing.

    Amongst the most popular U.S. companies, to buy hcg, just know that their “28 day kit,” “25 day kit” and “26 day kit” all offer the SAME amount of HCG in the program and it really doesn’t make a difference.  There is no need to make a decision on which source to go with, based  on which company offers “the right number of days in a round.”

    How do I mix the injections if I buy HCG Injections Online?

    Not to worry, when you buy your hcg from the above sources, each company ships their HCG with complete instructions and even offers video tutorials and full support via phone, chat, and even video.

    How do I store my HCG for Injections?

    Before mixing your HCG, it is perfectly fine to leave it out in room temperature.  However, once you have mixed your HCG, it does need to be stored in the fridge at all times. This is important since HCG can lose potency if left out of the fridge for more than a few hours.

    How long does HCG remain potent for use?

    According to pharmacists, once HCG has been mixed, the potency will remain for at least 3 to 4 weeks as long as it has been kept refrigerated.  After a few weeks on the diet, if you notice you are feeling hungry, this can be because your HCG needs to be replaced with a fresh vial.


    There is no “right dosage” on the HCG Diet Plan.  Everyone is different and the best approach is going by how you feel.  Most HDI readers have reported the best success by adjusting their dosage throughout Phase 2, with the help of their support coach (Nu Image and New Edge include this service although many rely on our helpful moderators who are known as the utmost experts on the HCG Diet.

    Incorrect HCG dosage can result in:

    • extreme low/no hunger effect, or…
    • increased hunger while on the diet.

    Read how “Grammy” adjusts her HCG dosage here – a helpful example.

    You can have the BEST, most potent vial of HCG available, but if your dose is off for YOU – you could find yourself not wanting to eat at all, or… feeling ravenous. Start with high quality, potent HCG and adjust your dosage accordingly.


    5 Tips You MUST Read Before You Buy HCG Online

    More Tips on Buying hCG…

    Continue reading this page to learn more….

    • Why HCG for injections should come in unmixed, powder form.
    • Why you MUST refrigerate mixed HCG.
    • How online prescriptions work when you buy hcg.
    • Simplest/Highest quality HCG options.
    • All about HCG vials, needles and syringes.


    What you need to know before buying hCG for the hCG Diet….

    I’m a true believer when it comes to this protocol and using quality HCG because I myself lost over 80 lbs this way (Read my HCG diet success story.)  It’s been well over 10 years since I’ve lost the weight and I still enjoy the lifestyle changes I have made and I effortlessly keep the weight off!  The changes I’ve made with this diet, are absolutely permanent and it is my pleasure to help others reach the same success in their lives.

    If you already know this is the diet for you, but are still confused about where and which hCG diet product to buy, you’ve come to the right place.

    You might find yourself thinking you MUST purchase hCG right this instant or you’ll never be thin-  Trust me, you will be glad that you stopped to read this, and THEN made an informed decision that is right for you.

    Because there is so much misinformation on the web, there are countless people who believe they are doing the effective and true hCG diet, when they are actually missing the few most important aspects that result in long term weight loss.  The first of these misunderstandings… they choose an hCG product that does not include the actual HCG hormone.

    How many people have you heard of that buy hCG diet drops from Costco or Walmart?  Countless.  Unfortunately, these are little more than amino acids, water and preservatives, and contain ZERO HCG hormone.  While they may result in temporary weight loss, dieters do not report the same experience of the REAL HCG DIET.  Instead, they experience hunger while using the hormone-free drops, various symptoms similar to fasting, and an inability to keep the weight off.   True hCG for this diet is a prescription product and therefore, unavailable through these stores.  In fact, they are available online and I have personally found the absolute best companies that provide legal, top quality HCG products.

    And that’s what this guide is all about helping you to do.

    Weight loss is really pretty pointless unless there is a way to maintain it and move on with your life.

    I truly believe this hormone results in lasting results.  These are  not placebo results.   I can say from experience that this protocol spares muscle, takes away hunger, and allows your body’s metabolism to reset itself.

    I have maintained my own weight loss from hCG that you see here for over 10 years now– I feel the following is really important if you want to do the same.

    Already know exactly what you’re looking for?  HCG Diet Packs offers extremely well-researched, trustworthy HCG diet injections and drops (real HCG and homeopathic) reviews and information.  See which companies they recommend here:  About HCG Diet Kits.


    While there are a select few companies that offer premixed HCG that is guaranteed to be mixed on a specific date, it is still best if you have the option to buy HCG in powder form.

    Why, you ask?  Once hCG has been mixed into a liquid solution, it is now on the “potency countdown”– the viability of hCG in this form, well refrigerated, is now considered of good quality for 3 to 4 weeks.

    Can it last longer than 3 to 4 weeks?  Yes.  Your particular HCG product may degrade at a slower rate than the 3-4 week mark, however should the solution weaken, it may result in challenges such as increased hunger, slowed or plateaued weight loss, etc. Rather than risk these issues, I find it is best to stick to the 3 to 4 week recommendation.  

    There are countless times when I have read posts in the hCG Diet Info Forums, where people are struggling with hunger while on the protocol; the first thing I ask is, “How long ago was your hCG mixed?”  Almost every time, a fresh order of hCG has been the solution.


    Refrigerating your HCG will keep the mixture viable.  The shelf life of HCG, as mentioned before, is 3 to 4 weeks WHEN REFRIGERATED consistently.  To reduce the feeling of irritation before injection, you may want to leave the HCG out of the fridge just long enough that it is not chilled.  Inject, and then immediately return to the refrigerator to keep the quality strong.  If your HCG has been unrefrigerated consistently, chances are the potency has been lessened considerably and will need to be replaced to be effective.

    How Online HCG Diet Prescriptions Work

    A reputable HCG company will have a medical doctor approve your prescription at the time your HCG order is placed.  These companies will allow you to select the HCG product and supplies that you would like, and then fill out an online medical background form.  Some companies will also allow you to have a consultation with a doctor via phone or video for guidance as they approve your prescription and treatment.  They will also have nurses and a coaching staff available for support while on the diet.

    Surprisingly, these options are quite affordable and around the same price as the “Do it yourself” HCG Kits while including a lot more for your money:

    • Access to a live Doctor or Nurse.
    • Medically guided instructions for mixing and injections.
    • Completely legal and a great option for a medically guided HCG Diet.
    • Convenience: no need to go to a doctor’s office for your visit.
    • and more….

    Buy HCG Online for Do-it-Yourself Weight Loss

    For those who prefer to oversee their own HCG diet plan, there are a few top quality HCG suppliers on the market.  These are typically the most affordable option, and range from offering individual HCG vials, to simplified, all in one kits.  These still include a prescription from a medical doctor, approved via online forms and the kits typically include a guidebook for mixing and injection instructions.  All about HCG Diet DIY Options.

    Still have questions about buying HCG for weight loss?  Find answers in the HCG Diet Forums!

    *About Hormone Free HCG.  This type of HCG typically consists of amino acids, alcohol and water.  While some people have shared their weight loss results with these products, it is important to note that the results are not the same as those of REAL HCG. This is because HCG hormone has specific effects on the body. For those who have a small amount of weight loss, these may be for you.  However, for those with significant amounts of weight to lose, hormone free HCG may not be the best solution for you.  For more information, read, The New HCG Diet.

    HCG Diet Purchase Testimonials

    Absolutely thrilled with results. Can’t stop smiling when I look in the mirror!

    I have tried every diet under the sun and none not one delivered what they promised… until the HCG Diet.   The HCG diet was very different from the start, not only did I lose more than I had actually set my goal for, but I actually felt fantastic while on the diet itself! Amazing- Thankful for HCG Diet Info! – Ana Moone, Jacksonville, FL.

    Thank you HCG Diet Info, for all your guidance over the years!

    HCG literally changed my life and my wife’s as well. I lost just over 300 lbs in the last 3 years.  My wife lost just over 100 lbs and has the energy of a teenager!  It was hard work, but so very worth it.  Thank you!!!! – Paul Sanley, Minnesota

    Lasting results… finally.

    I would starve myself and torture my body at the gym for months without any visible results. A friend suggested the HCG diet. Normally, I would have taken a lot of convincing for a medical weight loss plan, but considering how great SHE looked after doing the diet… I decided to give the HCG Diet a go. I am so happy I did, finally the results I wanted! – Nicky Lambe, Charlotte, NC.

    “Just do it…” is what I tell my friends!

    I’ve dropped more than a few jaws over the last few years since reaching my goal size of 2.  Now I tell my friends to stop hesitating and do it!  There’s really nothing to consider and no time to waste, when you see just how many people have lost the weight with hcg.  Denise Blackburn – Las Vegas

    It’s only as difficult as you allow it to be.

    I won’t lie, the HCG diet was quite difficult, especially during my first week on phase 2.  Luckily, I had a huge realization that I still use today, well into my maintenance phase:  The diet isn’t difficult…as long as you embrace the changes. Once I started focusing on my progress and results so far… I really started to enjoy the diet.  I enjoyed finding new recipes, going for long walks, and learning ahead of time for my maintenance phase. I am so glad I did because it was totally worth the effort. – Maria Perry-Lawrence, Chicago.

    The HCG diet simply changed my life.

    I felt like I had woken up one day and I was just huge. I didn’t see it coming.  My nurse-friend suggested the hcg diet and it has been 5 months but I have reached  my goal weight and today marks 2 years since!… Not only have I kept the weight off, but my health is the best it has ever been. Blood pressure, down. Cholesterol down. Energy, up. Diabetes.. no more! It is now 5 months since my dr took me off diabetic medication and even he is a believer in the diet now. – Elspeth V, Brisbane, Australia.

    Ye olde archives…

    Buy Hcg for the HCG Diet – Where Do I Start?

    What to do before starting the hCG Diet Plan – provided by HDI Moderator and hCG Diet Specialists, Mgsondance and the hCGDietInfo team.  Please stop by the hCG Diet Forums and offer Mgsondance a “Thank you” click for her assistance!

    You will need hCG Diet supplies  for this approach.  We’ve put together a helpful list of reputable hCG Diet Suppliers offering buying bacteriostatic water, sodium chloride, B-12, vials, syringes.

    Getting Started with Buying hCG

    1 – Start by deciding if you want to do homeopathic hCG (hhcg) or prescription strength hCG (Rx grade hcg)-

    Read:  Which is right hCG Diet Plan for you: Homeopathic hCG (hhcg) vs. prescription strength hCG (Rx hcg)

    Many hCG Diet coaches suggest choosing a product that has real hCG in the ingredients, although plenty of hCG Dieters have had success with homeopathic hCG variations as well.  It is important to note that most hCG diet drops no longer have hCG in them (or if they do, it’s only a trace amount) and thus do not work well for some people.  Any hCG Diet Drops you buy at a national drugstore such as Walgreen’s, GNC, CVS, etc., are NOT going to have any hCG in them- they tend to consist of amino acids and appetite suppressors.   Some people will do ok with these, if they are basically healthy, don’t have a lot of fat to lose, and their bodies burn fat easily. But most people don’t do well on them- they are hungry, and may feel weak. Both of those are signs that you are only doing a low calorie diet, and your body is going to be forced to burn muscle for fuel- something you do NOT want, even if you’re losing weight- you will just gain it back after the diet is done. If you feel good on these drops and do not have ANY hunger or weakness, they are probably ok for you. But if you have hunger or low energy, stop them immediately.

    2. – Once you have determined if you prefer a homeopathic or prescription hCG diet program, it is time to decide if you want to do Rx hCG diet drops or hCG diet shots. Both methods work equally well, and it’s easy to adjust your dose as needed.
    hCG Diet Shots– Advantage of the shots is that you only need to do them once a day, which makes them the easiest. You use diabetic needles so there is little pain involved, although some people are queasy about the idea.
    hCG Diet Drops- You have to do these twice a day, 12 hours apart. You have to avoid food and water 15’ before, and 15’ after, and hold the drops under your tongue for 5’ so it takes a bit more time.
    Finding an hCG Program

    Ideally, it is recommended that you speak with your own doctor about prescribing hCG and overseeing an hCG Diet Protocol that’s right for you.  You can print out the original hCG Diet manuscript and take it to them.  It is recommended that you do your research beforehand so you can tell them exactly how much you need, and what size vials (depending on shots or drops), etc. It is possible that neither your doctor nor pharmacist will be familiar with this information so be prepared to share as much information from the manual as possible and don’t be afraid to let them know exactly what you need.

    If your personal physician does not offer an hCG diet plan, you have several options.  More and more private physicians are offering hCG diet programs, as well as numerous hCG Weight Loss clinics and spas all over the country.  You can find one in your area using the HDI’s hCG Diet Directory (updated daily.)

    Another option, and now the most popular, is going online to find hCG Diet Plan providers and hCG suppliers.  Again, these are available in the hCG Diet Directory and include suppliers for hCG Diet Drops, Injectable hCG, Homeopathic hCG, Sublingual hCG, etc.

    Regarding hCG Dosage:  Many physicians are prescribing patients hCG vials of 10,000 iu’s, and the hCG loses potency long before these vials can be finished. For drops, you need vials of 5000 iu’s- one vial will get you 15 days on the hCG diet program. For hCG diet shots, either vials of 5000 iu’s or 2000 iu’s are ok. The vial of 5000 will get you about 25 days (it is not recommended going past that), and a vial of 2000 will get you anywhere from 10-13 days.

    Buying hCG

    There are a few places online that sell pre-mixed hcg drops, but many do not recommend these, simply because you have no way of knowing when they are actually mixed. The reason there are so few options is that in the US a prescription is required. If your doc is willing to write you a script, you can get it through your local pharmacy. Wherever you get it from, do NOT buy hcg in vials of 10,000 iu’s- some places will tell you that the hcg lasts 6 wks after being mixed, and it does not.

    The shelf-life of hcg (not mixed) is generally a year or more, so buy all that you think you are going to need to reach your goal. The shipping cost is $25 no matter how much you buy, so it’s to your advantage to buy it all at once- the hcg itself is quite inexpensive.

    Brands- Some brands come with a rubber stopper, and some in a glass ampule. The ampules are much harder to deal with, so I recommend the former. Brands with this top are Hucog (powder), Hucog (pre-mixed liquid), Ovidac and Corion. All these brands are good ones. Corion seems to be the strongest, so you might need a bit less of it. From there I’d say the next strongest is Ovidac, then Hucog liquid, then Hucog powdered. However, this really makes no difference- stronger is not better; you just need to be aware of this in terms of knowing where to start. Store all unused vials in your fridge.

    Dose- We generally recommend people start with 150 iu’s for shots, and 166 iu’s twice a day for drops. We can help you adjust this if you’re hungry. It’s very important to NOT be hungry or weak on this diet- if you are, you risk decreasing your metabolism and/or burning muscle for fuel. Always ask for help on the forum if you’re hungry or weak. You may need to increase or decrease this dose, so I generally have people purchase hcg based on needing 175-200 per day. For drops, you might need to go as high as 250 per day, although most do well on 166.

    The hcg starts to lose it’s potency after 2 weeks. If you can afford it, it’s best to buy smaller vials so that you can mix more frequently. If money is a real factor, I’d say it’s ok to use your hcg for up to 21-23 days. Some use it 30 days, although I don’t recommend this. I would never recommend anyone use it past 30 days. Again, do not buy vials of 10,000 unless you are sharing your mix with another person- you are wasting your money.

    hCG Diet Shots:

    Vials of 5000- One of these is sufficient for a short round (23 days). For a long round, purchase two and re-mix after 20 days. If you prefer to mix more often, buy vials of 2000 iu’s. At a dose of 150, one vial will last you 13 days, so you’ll need 2 for a short round- 3 if you think you’ll need a higher dose. For a long round I’d purchase 4 vials.

    hCG Diet Drops:

    One vial of 5000 will last you about 15 days at the starting dose. So buy two vials if you’re doing a round anywhere from 23-30 days, and 3 vials if you’re doing a 40-day round. There are a couple of places online that sell pre-mixed prescription hcg drops, but i would NOT recommend these because 1) You don’t know when it’s mixed, regardless of what they tell you, and every day it sits it is losing potency. Even if they mix it right before they send it, it takes several days to get to you. 2) You don’t know how it was mixed, and some people don’t do that correctly, or don’t use the correct substance to mix it with. 3) Ultimately you really don’t know what it is; if they are dispensing Rx Hcg without a script they are doing something illegal, so you could be getting anything!

    Remember that you can do a round anywhere between 23-40 days. Some people believe you stabilize better with rounds at least 30 days. To figure out how much you need, estimate your dose and multiply it by how many days you want to do. If you think you’ll use 175 iu’s and you want to do a round of 30 days, you’ll need a total of 5250 iu’s. That would mean you’d need 3 vials of 2000. Or you could cut it by a couple of days and buy one vial of 5000.

    Other hCG Diet Supplies:

    For Shots– You’ll need sterile vials, syringes, bacteriostatic water or bacteriostatic sodium chloride, and some mixing needles.
    A) Vials- I buy the 10 cc clear vials from recommended hcg supplies . The clear ones are less expensive, and you can cover them with foil (your hcg needs to be protected from light, and kept in the fridge).
    B) Syringes- I prefer the 29 gauge syringes. You can get thinner ones (30 and 31 gauge) but then tend to bend. Buy ½” long, 1 cc syringes at recommended hcg supplies .
    C) Bacteriostatic Water- This lasts for 30 days once opened. However, if you use good sterile technique I generally say that it’s ok to use it for the length of your round, even if 40 days. Therefore you’ll need one bottle (30 cc’s) for each round you do. You can buy this at recommended hcg supplies
    D) Mixing needles- You need something to get the Hcg out of it’s vial and into your sterile vial. In most states you can buy syringes individually (for about 30 cents) over the counter at your local pharmacy. For those states that require a prescription, they are also available at recommended hcg supplies . A common size that works is 1.5” long (make sure it’s at least this long, to reach the bottom of the vial), 3 cc’s, and 22 or 23 gauge. You will need one of these for each vial of Hcg you buy- you need to use a new one each time.

    For hCG Diet Drops

    You’ll need a glass bottle/vial (anything that you can reach the bottom of with your baby syringe), a baby syringe, and sodium chloride- marketed as “Wound Wash” and available at Walmart and most pharmacies. This is generally in a spray can, and you discharge some into a clean cup and then draw up what you need with your mixing needle. You can by the baby syringe (make sure it holds ½ cc) at a pharmacy, or many times they will give you one for free if you ask. It is not recommended that you buy Mazu that some websites suggests. Instead, buy the hCG alone and mix it with the Wound Wash.

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    Recommended Guided HCG & HCG Diet Plans:

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