Which HCG Diet Plan is Right for YOU

So many HCG Diet Plans have come out in the last few years, it can be confusing to figure out which one is best.  There is no right or wrong choice so it’s easy to choose according to your own preferences. Choose between HCG Diet Injection protocols, HCG Diet Drops, Pellets, and learn about the newer protocols on the market; HCG diet patch, HCG diet sprays, etc.

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Intramuscular Injections HCG Diet Plans (Original HCG Diet Shots Protocol):

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This is the original method that Dr. Simeons described in the original hCG Diet plan. If you inject to the core of the muscle where there is good blood supply, the hCG is delivered to your system more quickly than it is with subcutaneous injections. However, it can be difficult to figure out the right size needle for your weight. For the deltoid, 1″ generally works well. 1″ or 1.25″ is usually what is used for the thigh, depending on your size. For the upper buttock (only inject in the upper outer quadrant), you’ll need at least a 1.5″ needle- Dr. Simeons used a 2″ needle. If you are quite heavy you’ll need to adjust the length since you don’t want to get just to the edge of the muscle- you want to get to the middle of it. Intramuscular injections are more painful than subcutaneous injections, and can leave you sore for a while after the injection. However there is a specialty needle that is 1.25″ and 27 gauge that works pretty well. With this particular hCG diet protocol, you have the convenience of only having to dose once per day. To get pharmacy-grade hCG you either need to have a prescription from your doctor, get your shots from a clinic, or order your Hcg from an FDA approved Hcg Supplier. See, Where to buy HCG Online for recommended hCG suppliers.

Subcutaneous Injections HCG Diet Plan:

These are injected into the fat on your body, generally in the thigh or abdomen. Make sure you avoid the area around your belly button- stay about 2″ away in all directions. Subcutaneous injections are done with an insulin needle, generally somewhere between 5/16th and 1/2 long. 28 to 31 gauge can be used, but I prefer the 29. The 30 and 31 gauge are so thin that they bend easily, and the 29 are already basically painless. You can use a .5cc or 1cc size syringe, but I prefer the 1cc so that you have more flexibility in choosing a shot volume. You have the convenience of only having to dose one time/day. This method also uses pharmacy-grade hCG.

Sublingual hCG Diet Drops Plan (Under the Tongue):

SL, or sub-lingual, means under your tongue- This involves mixing up the same kind of hCG that is used for injections, but taking a larger dose twice a day, 12 hrs apart. You put the fluid under your tongue and have to hold it there for at least 5 minutes. Many suggest you then don’t eat or drink for another 15 minutes. This is a good method for people who don’t want to do hCG diet shots, but you do have to remember to take those doses roughly 12 hrs apart. The standard dose has been 166 iu’s, 2x/day. However the newer research shows there may be benefit in taking a higher dose, 250 iu’s 2x.day. With this method you have extra cost for the hCG, but you don’t have to buy sterile vials or syringes. This method also uses pharmacy-grade hCG.

HHCG (Homeopathic HCG) HCG Diet Drops:

Homeopathic hCG works on an entirely different principle than pharmacy-grade hCG does. It is energetic medicine, and works on the principle that the water “remembers” the substance that has been diluted in it. By definition, these drops contain only tiny traces of hCG, and some contain no hCG at all. Some people prefer this method because of the more natural approach, and you are not putting a hormone in your body. A big advantage is that Hhcg is generally less expensive than hCG, and you can buy it in the US without a prescription. This also allows you to get your product more quickly. However, there are many disadvantages. 1) The FDA has cracked down on Hhcg and most products now are nothing but amino acids- they have been required to take OUT the hCG. 2) As there are no regulations for homeopathic remedies, you have no idea what is actually in the drops. Someone could put tap water in there and sell it to you. 3) Your body has to be able to produce hCG (or the effects of it) from the drops, which not something everyone can do. If you do decide you want to use Hhcg make sure the drops have hCG in the ingredient list. It will generally say Hcg 3x 6x 12x, or something similar to this. hCG 1234 is recommended. Again, see, where to buy hCG.

HCG Pellets, HCG Lozenges, HCG Nose Spray, HCG Throat Spray, and HCG Diet Transdermal Patch:

These are newer hCG diet methods that are just starting to be used. They all have the convenience of not having to do injections. The number of doses per day can vary. The disadvantage is you have to be able to absorb it properly (some might not be able to), and it can be very hard to adjust your dose.

No matter what method you are on, the protocol remains the same. Some clinics modify the food list, but it is recommend that you stick to the original protocol as much as possible: https://hcgdietinfo.com/Diet-HCG.htm

Author Jen Larson, BSN, Pursuing PhD
While I have a background in nursing and nutrition, I also personally lost 88 lbs with the HCG Diet in 2002, and I kept it off for over 10 years. I am currently on a mission to lose 45 lbs of baby weight with HCG from Nu Image and Diet Doc. This diet changed my life, leading me to start the first Hcg Diet site: Hcgdietinfo.com. 15+ years later, 100 million visits, over a million pages, & countless lives changed… HDI has become the true highlight of my journey.
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