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  1. You have several “facts” in your post. Why have you not cited it from the studies you researched?

    1. Ummmm, I did. Did you not notice that the Trocho Study is a link to the orginal study on the National Institute of Health? Perhaps you missed my links in the article. I did forget to link to the Duke Study, but here it is: Please let me know if there are any other links that you would like to have.

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  2. Hey, thanks. I have been doing HCG for past two weeks (today is day 14 actually). I have occasionally used stevia in raw (thankfully) hasn’t interrupted weight loss (yet). I often wondered what the dextrose was but figured just a filler. Your right it is very mis-leading hence the reason I bought it in the first place. Guess their marketing plan worked. Will not be using it anymore. Wonder if I could have done better with out it? I shall see. 😉

  3. Good post. My friends can’t understand why I refuse to drink diet pop, when I try to explain the dangers of aspartame it doesn’t seem to affect them. I find that a lot of people seem to get defensive when told how bad their favorite diet drink is for them.

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