Yerba Mate Tea for hCG Dieters

Hcg Diet 169

What's in Yerba Mate Tea?
Yerba Mate is known to be rich in Vitamin C pantothenic acid and chlorophyll. It also provides most of the B Complex vitamins, Vitamin E, and essential mineral salts: iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, silica, choline, potassium, manganese, silica, choline phosphorus, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, and the alkaloid mateine.

What does that mean?

Well, silica and phosphorus nourishes aging skin and hair. Magnesium helps maintain healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin E lends to a healthy complexion. Chlorophyll is an essential antioxidant that combats toxins and cleanses the body. Choline (hCG Dieters love Choline!) assists with the efficient metabolizing of exceess fat B Complex and helps to energize the body.

Flavor and Variation of Yerba Mate Tea

Aside from the benefits of the tea, the flavor is a traditional, yet smooth blend of sweet and spicy herbs. A favorite of tea connoisseurs. For variety, try Roasted Cut- a unique flavor of Roasted Yerba Mate can be a nice change of pace for hCG dieters drinking the tea several times a day.


Hcg Diet 169

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